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Win 7 boot animation Navi OS from SE Lain

I wanted to have boot animation that looks like Navi from Anime: Serial Experiments Lain. Original animation is from dreamingusagi: Lain Navi Os. I modified it a little bit (added one frame and replaced signs Starting Windows and © Microsoft Corporation with signs from Lain) and created boot skin by Win7BootUpdater. There is classic version and stretched version (for 16:9) in RAR file.

1. Unpack
2. Run Win7BootUpdater
3. Load Boot Skin
4. Apply

Use it at your own risk (if you run into any problems go to Jeff Bush site).

I hope some Lain fans will make use of it ^^.
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It's 2021 and I bricked my pc, will try again until it is done.