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I now understood how people felt when they woke up in a strange room, with a massive headache, and no clear way out. The usual questions swam through my head when I woke up in such a place. Where was I? What time is it? This situation occurred more often than people would think. I stood up scratching my head and yawning. The dark room was pretty simple, if not old. The wooden floorboards were covered in moss, and there was an exposed pipe poking out from the ceiling, with little droplets of water coming down every so often. I inspected all the walls and couldn't find the door. This room wasn't lit very well. Only a small lone candle sat in the center of the room flickering quietly. Still, there was enough light for me to realize I was trapped. I felt dizzy. I was still half asleep, so I leaned against the rough wooden walls, feeling everything to make sure I wasn't imagining this. I continued forward, examining every inch of the room for a way out, not believing my own senses when I didn't feel a door knob. 

The walls grew wet. My hand smeared against it, and I could feel the uncomfortable warmth and stickiness of the substance. I pulled myself back and retreated to the candle to see what it was. My hands were covered in red. The front of my head hurt more than anything, just like it did whenever I panicked. I drew in a sharp breath and bit my lip. I needed to get out of here. I picked up the small candle by the wax and cursed when it burned my skin. I quickly tore one of my sleeves off and used it to barely shield the hot wax from my skin. I went back to the wall. The entire wall was sprayed with blood, there was a small smear on the right side from where I touched it. I wrinkled my nose and wiped my hand against my shorts before examining the rest of the room, again, but this time thoroughly. The pipe was still dripping water, but I could now see small strands of black hair. The moss on the floor was covered in drops of blood too. In one of the corners, the one I didn't even pay attention to before, there was a huge bundle of moss growing up, not against the wall or the corner, but against something else. My head was still ringing with pain but I moved forward and began peeling the green moss off of the object. 

It was a little girl, she was missing half of her hair, it looked like it was torn off in handfuls straight from the scalp. She had dark circles under her open clouded fish eyes and was completely pale. Her mouth was covered in blood like she ate raw flesh. She was wearing a white dress with red and green stains. I stumbled back and just stared at her for a long time, not sure as to what I wanted to do right now. The candle was nearly burned out, drops of melted wax continued to drip down onto the floor. An idea came, a crazy one, one I hadn't thought of before. Hesitantly, I took the girl by the shoulders and lifted her from her resting place and dragged her to the center of the room. She was blocking the small door, one that could barely fit me. Before that, though, I knelt down beside the girl and left the candle with her. "Rest In Peace Child," I said gruffly, realizing I hadn't spoken in a while. I crawled back to the door and opened it, barely fitting through. It led out into a cold stone corridor, where I stood up, brushed off my dirty shorts and calmly walked down. I knew this place now, I just didn't recognize the room. This was where people dumped dead bodies. Gangs, solo first timers, serial killers and other people simply went down into the sewer labyrinths and found a small room where the police would never find them. Other criminals worked here too. I must've ended up in an abandoned room when I got drunk. I navigated through the endless halls, all so plain, a first timer would get lost immediately. I waved hello to a friend, who smiled back politely. I still wondered how I got into that room. 

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Rest In Peace Child by BlueAndPurpleVillain, journal