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WARNING: Contains themes of male blueberry inflation and homo eroticism, no popping.

"Hmm. Perfect body." Austin read the label on the hastily made supplement bottle.

Austin is what you would call, a skeptic. He didn't believe in homeopathy, or herbal remedies, or any of that. And he especially didn't believe in any of the medications being sold at the new store around the block.

But this bottle caught his eye.

"Perfect Body™, transform yourself into the shape your partner wants most" 

The label seemed all too crazy to be reliable, but why not? I mean, it was cheap. And he really did want to see if it would make Tanner the hunk he always dreamed of. Austin purchased the bottle and went home.

"How's the new shop?" The familiar voice of Tanner asked.

"It's... uh... Funny you should ask. I got this... thing there." Austin stuttered out. Tanner quickly snatched the bottle out of Austin's hands.

Tanner wasn't the most attractive man, his face was a bit droopy, nose a size too big, uneven eyes, and a sizable beer gut. Austin, of course, loved him all the same. Though of course, Austin would not object to making him more attractive.

"Perfect body... Transform... Partner's fantasies..." Tanner read out loud.

Austin expected Tanner to get mad at him, but instead, he seemed willing!

"Alright, why not? I'll take some, then you take some!" Tanner gleefully exclaimed.

This took Austin aback. Austin didn't even think about taking it, but if it was for tanner, he could work it out.

"O...K." Austin muttered.

And with that, Tanner took a swig of the bottle.

"Can't wait to see what your dream body looks like!" Tanner squealed.

Just then, Tanner felt it begin. His gut began to 
recede back into his abdomen, erasing his once squishy paunch. 

His eyes began to level, nose started to shrink, and face started to lift.

A straining noise was heard as Tanner grabbed his arms and began to yell. The reason became clear as veiny muscles began to outline in his red shirt, pushing and stretching as abs formed on Tanner's chest. 

With a gurgle, Tanner felt his ass swell a bit, and firm up. Giving him a nice round bubble butt.

His shirt began to tear as he yelled, his muscles ripping through the red fabric. Austin looked on in awe as his boyfriend was becoming the man of his dreams.

Tanner's underwear, though already tight from his ass growth, began to tighten even more as his beefcake thighs began to muscle up even more. To top things off, he felt his member start to enlarge.

Tanner's pants began to rip as his huge muscled legs tore through them like tissue paper, starting from the bottom and working it's way up.


Tanner's pants tore off, leaving only his skin tight underwear that outlined his now humongous cock. His transformation was complete. Tanner heaved as he adjusted his engorged cock.

"That was amazing." He huffed.

"You look amazing." Austin added with a huge smile on his face and a tent in his pants. Tanner started to walk towards him but-


The strain was too much, Tanner's boxers flew off of him, exposing his perfect body to Austin.

"Now, it's your turn." Tanner said, handing him the bottle.

Austin thought to himself, If I will look anything like that I have to try it! , and took a swig as he gazed hungrily at Tanner's engorged cock.

30 seconds later... nothing. Nothing was happening. But for some reason, Tanner was smiling.

"I think you drank all the potent stuff Tan, nothing's happen-"


The noise caused Austin to snap his focus toward his stomach. Much to his surprise, it was entirely blue! His whole body was blue!

Tanner still had a wide grin on his face. OK, I guess he has a fetish for the color blue. Could be worse, but-


Suddenly, Austin felt full. Like he ate the biggest meal of his life. He had a distinct taste in the back of his mouth... Blueberries? It tasted delicious, and the fullness wasn't an unappealing sensation.

Suddenly, Austin felt unhappy with his skinny body. It was like, the will to be fit and thin was drained from him. Then he noticed it, his once flat abdomen was poking slightly through his shirt, exposing his tight belly button.

This seemed to please Austin. He didn't want to be skinny anymore, he wanted to get bigger. 


His belly was growing faster now, he pinched and groped the newly formed paunch, the juice sloshing around seemed to give him... Pleasure. He felt a hand on his steadily expanding stomach, it was Tanner's. His hand on the belly, and giant cock poking at it as well, Tanner seemed to really enjoy this. Granted, so did he.

"You look so sexy babe." Tanner uttered under his breath.


Austin took a hit of juice to his backside, expanding his rear end as he moaned. His discontent of skinniness turned into a desire to be large. He wanted to be even bigger, and he wasn't afraid of showing his enjoyment as he began to get hard.

"I want to be huge..." Austin spoke, out of breath.

"I hope you get huge." Responded Tanner.


Austin's ass ripped through his skinny jeans, exposing his underwea-


Scratch that. Exposing his bare blueberry ass to Tanner.

Austin's belly was the size of a yoga ball now, and he decided to have some fun with it. He played around with the juicy ball-of-a-belly, bouncing it around. This coupled with his inflation seemed to drive Tanner wild, who looked like he could go berserk with lust any minute now.

Speaking of lust, Austin now felt a strong sexual desire to be as huge as possible. He wanted Tanner, now. 

"Nnf, fuck... me..." Moaned Austin, and this was all Tanner needed to hear.

Austin felt Tanner enter him, causing him to moan loudly as he felt his humongous cock slid in and out of his swelling blueberry ass. The immense pleasure seemed to increase the inflation.


Austin's thighs and belly started to merge as one blue juicy blob, causing Austin's crotch to hit the floor, immobilizing him as Tanner fucked him. His ass nearly doubled in size, exciting Tanner to no end.

"Bigger... Bigger..." Austin was now obsessed with being the biggest blueberry he could be. 

His ass started to merge with the rest of him, giving him a spherical shape, allowing tanner easier access.

"More... More..." Moaned Austin

"You're nothing but a blueberry now... You are my big fat juicy blueberry... You're all mine blueberry boy..." Tanner whispered as he thrusted in and out of Austin's blueberry body.

"More... Bigger..." Austin continued as his body still grew.

"You want to be a bigger blueberry boy? I hope you never stop growing... You'll be my giant growing blueberry boy... All mine... Swelling with juice forever..." Tanner continued to mutter.

"I think... I'm gonna...!"

"Me... too..!"



Buckets of blueberry juice rain from Austin's shrunken blueberry cock as he climaxes all over the basement wall as Tanner cums inside of blueberry Austin.



"I still... want more... I want to be... bigger..." Austin muttered, his sex drive seemingly infinite now due to his still swelling body.

"I'm not satisfied either... You're so hot as a huge swelling blueberry..." Tanner remarked

"Ready for round 2?" Tanner said, carrying the bottle over to Austin.
Decided to write a more... Sexual blueberry story. Hope you like it!
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Harrystylesisallmine Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2019  Student Filmographer
Damn, I wish my boyfriend who’s name happens to be austin was like that.
jakester15100 Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2018
I love this
ChaoGodYT Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Part 2?
Landa117 Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2018
pretty good, hope a part two is on the way
InflatorGirl Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
This is an awesome concept! You get a watch from me!
InflatorGirl Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
I read this not realizing that I had already watched you lol
MikeJoh88 Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2017
Loved the story! Keep this storyline going. It's really hot!
collegedude04 Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2017
This is very hot, great job 
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