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WW Master Sword

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Hey, if I may ask, could you make a 42 by 42 version of this because you only seem to have a cursor version of this in the smallest size, and it'd be cool to have it a larger size, that would personally help me.
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Oh yeah, the Master Toothpick! XD KIDDING KIDDING! But it IS really small.
ToonLinkFromBavaria's avatar
But Toon Link is pretty small, too! I can't stop laughing at this comment!
DA-MANLY-MAN's avatar
Ah yes, the master dagger XD. This one may just be my favorite of them all
stunsywow's avatar
I don't get it. OoT Link couldn't weild the sword as a kid, but WW could
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My theory is that WW Link was only able to wield the Master Sword as a child is because it first attained it when it was de-powered.  His body probably naturally adjusted to it as he got the sages to empower it once more. 
stunsywow's avatar
Ah, yes. That makes loads of sense. Thanks
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this is by far my favorite version of the master sword :D
BLUEamnesiac's avatar
It's in my top three favorites. :D
DA-MANLY-MAN's avatar
If you don't mind me asking, What are your top 3 favorites?
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Isn't Wind Waker Link 17 like the rest of the adult links? I never thought of him as a 10 year old link... They say that they had to wear the green outfit on the day that he turns the age of the hero, (as in the one from OOT) and since windwaker is in the adult timeline according to hyrule hystoria the hero of time stories that people would tell would be of the 17 year old boy who slayed ganon and saved princess zelda before disappearing, so it would make sense that they would honor the day that boys of outset turned 17 like the hero that the adult timeline would know.
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Actually, WW Link is 12, as said in his figure in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
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This is the sword i am re-creating for Comic Con this year
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KICK ASS!!!!!!!!
Mythicaldragon99's avatar
Mini-master sword XD

Nice work
Space-Butterflies's avatar
I love this sword. It's so tiny compared to the other Master Swords >w<
BLUEamnesiac's avatar
Thanks. As well it should be, this is the only time a child Link has wielded the Master Sword. :XD:
Space-Butterflies's avatar
Yep. WW was the first Zelda game I ever played, so this sword is like the original Master Sword to me.
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This is awesome with the different designs of it.
BLUEamnesiac's avatar
:nod: It was surprising seeing a smaller Master Sword for a change.
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