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TP Master Sword

By BLUEamnesiac
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The hilt was more purple than blue, but besides that, it looks good
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You sir, are a true Zelda nerd. We need more of you in the world.
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I would love to make my own master sword, but it's hard to find a reference where you can exactly see what's scribbled on the hilt, do you happen to have an even clearer reference then this one?

Thank you!
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Wow I saw your version of OOT master sword it was great but you were right. It's not nearly as detailed as the versions in TP, SS and WW but Still amazing job
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One of my favorite designs of the Master Sword :D I love the details in the handle, Is me or The MS is becoming longer in every new game? :O
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:lol: I think it is getting longer. When I tried to approximate their scales, ALTTP's (first to be designed) is the smallest normal Master Sword.
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smallest except for the WW master sword right?
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That's the second time this week. D8
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sorrry um I want to ask about my icon I have stuff I colored and I would like the colored by watermark if you have gotten to it

I am paying your back buy the way I have been making something you will like I hope
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Did you ever comment/reply with what changes you wanted? I'm still buried by my inbox. :'(
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Honestly this is one of my favorite ways the Master Sword has appeared.
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I think it's better than the Skyward Sword version, the green wrapping around the handle was a little weird.
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It's purdy though.
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Frankly, I'm surprised you haven't died from this many sword creations. :XD: But good job!
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