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SS Master Sword

By BLUEamnesiac
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This is for *reptiletc, who completed yesterday's Legend of Zelda Quiz. :iconlinklaplz:

WIP: [link]
Also see: Fierce Deity's Sword, Razor Sword, Biggoron Sword, Great Fairy's Sword, Gilded Sword, SCII Magic Sword & MM Kokiri Sword
Tools used: Photoshop CS3 w/ Logitech optical mouse
Layers: 59
Creation time: 1 hour 36 minutes
Music fuel: Chrono Cross OST

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword © Nintendo
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© 2012 - 2021 BLUEamnesiac
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I remember the hilt being bluer, and the blade itself was tinted blue as well
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Best Master Sword EVER!
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It's very nice indeed. My favorite version of the Master Sword is from ALTTP. So classy.
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hey blue, is it ok if i use this? i'll be sure to give credit ;) - and i'll link this in the desc. too :iconlinkla:
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in the words of chuggaaconroy

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This is the Twilight Princess one too, right? I think it had the green straps on the hilt as well. :P
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Nope, the Master Sword appears differently in every game. I've still yet to make the ones for TP and OOT. ^^;
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Well yes. I know that the OoT Master Sword doesn't have the green straps, but I could have sworn TP Master Sword did... :P Hmmm... I need to play that again.
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Correct. TP and SS both have green straps. However, TP has small bits of gold going down the ricasso ( the thin bit before the flare close to the guard before the Triforce symbol), and all in all looks more ornate.
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So do I. :XD: I'm going to hunt down a GameCube version online because I'm still not into the whole Wii-mote thing.
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I know what you mean. I have the GameCube version. :meow:
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Awesome! What is your #1 Zelda game that you like the most?
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Thank you! A Link to the Past is the game I like the most. It was the first in the series to have a tremendous upgrade in story, graphics, gameplay and music. Other games have advanced nicely, but none took as huge a leap as ALTTP.
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You're welcome. I got to say that Skyward Sword would have to be my #1.
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It's hard not to like the game that contains the origin story. :D
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Never seen a better verson of this sword. o.o
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