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The shininess is real 
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Such a Divine looking sword.
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I love how the sword becomes closer to the look of the Master Sword as you upgrade it.

Longsword Upgrade: The guard spreads out more, and the blade catcher appears, a feature that the Master Sword is rarely seen without. The hilt turns from green to more of a turqoise color.

Whitesword Upgrade: Sure the guard/hilt turns white, but it also has a bit more of a blue tint to it. The blade become cleaner and more white, becoming closer to the white luster of the Master Sword's blade.

I won't go any further. >wO
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Could I upload a custom sword I made using this sword's hilt and the blade of Ghirahim's Saber? The one's made by you of course. :)
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hey i was wondering if i could use your drawing in making a 3d model of it if that is ok with you
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now THIS is a pure form
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So shiny and pure... very pweety...
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Oh yes, now if only I had a real one. :iconlinklaplz:
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someone needs to make one
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So beautiful colors :) great work
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My favorite before it becomes the Master Sword :)
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:XD: If only the original LOZ white sword looked like this.
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Ultimate epic finish the last one and this is one of the ultimate weapons in LOZS.
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I thought the Master Sword was? :XD:
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Master sword is the ultimate weapon some of it aren't ultimate sword is the ultimate weapon.
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so shiny and pointy

is this the last one?
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The last Goddess Sword, but not last sword. I'm getting there though. :XD:
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Simply Divine XD
my favorite form of the goddess sword O_O
(this has to be one of your best...)
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Thanks. :XD:
The best is saved for last. :D
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