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It's the 90's! :iconbreakdanceplz:

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Story of my life in the 90's. xD
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Back in my 1990s, my combination was 'hybrid' (1970s/80s CRT TV in a wooden cabinet with videotape drawer, Sony Betamax, AWA VCR and of course, a 1994 Super NES!)
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I see Super Mario All-Stars, and the screen shows World 1-3 from Super Mario Bros.
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But what if it's World 1-3 from Lost Levels?
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It could be World 1-3 from Lost Levels, too! You never know!
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My SNES was connected to a 1970s/80s Sanyo TV when I first got it!
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Interesting.  The one in my room was connected to an early 80's Mitsubishi and it had a numerical keypad.  I've never seen one quite like it since.
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You broke into my house when I was a kid, didn't you?  Same TV, same TV cabinet, VCR.  Just switch out the SNES for a NES and that's it right there.
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Seriously!? O.o
You're the second person so far to have a similar setup as me.
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Well, to be fair, this setup was pretty common when I was a kid, most people I knew had one of these tv cabinets, at least of those whose places I've seen.
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No, see this was the setup in the living room that they never let us hook up a gaming console to. If we wanted to play video games we had to use the old 80s TV that was set up in the other room.
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That's how it was for my cousin's at my aunt's house.  I wanted to hook up consoles to our big screen, but it was a projection TV with high risk of image burn in.
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It was all for the best in the end I suppose. It kept us away from the main TV during family parties and such. :XD:
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Oh goodness my child hood....I still have the tv....its broken but I still have child hood why must you make me remember the times of happy
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Nostalgia, catch the fever! :iconstansmithplz:
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This is still in my room, though I alternate through older consoles on that t.v. because if I use the small flatscreen everything gets blurred. xD
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Yeah, most flat screens aren't suited for classic consoles.  At least not without a video upscaler.
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i hope thats not a tall entertainment center
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It was when I was younger, but not so tall for me today.
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