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Old TV + VCR + NES

It's the 1980's baby! :iconohyeahplz:

Nintendo Entertainment System © Nintendo
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I recently picked up an old tube TV like that, with the two knobs and the wood paneling, and attached a Gamecube.   I realized that I missed the horizontal lines.  

I hope people are finally getting bored with the constant flat screen technology everywhere nowadays.   It's getting old.
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Back when you bought your television at the furniture store.
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And in the 2030s...
A SUPER HUGE ultra-thin roll-up TV screen with built in storage for thousands of movies & TV shows old-n-new and more importantly, a Golden Anniversary Version of the NES!
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An image of true beauty.  :heart:
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totally radical
brah 80s talk 
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Now this was back when Gaming had heart and soul
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nice. i used to have a TV like this. when i was a kid, i put a small TV and my SNES on top of a tall dresser, so i had to play standing up.
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I tried that once.  It was a huge relief when I got my first entertainment system and one of those low to the floor Nintendo chairs.  The ones without legs that have a curved underside to allow one to rock. :nod:
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This is... glorious.
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good old wooden looking tv
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:XD: I miss wood grain on electronics.
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yeah it looked good sometimes
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Heh, the days when you put the NES on top of the TV, and it got annoying because the controllers' cords got in the way. :XD:
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Yep, and those others days when your siblings or cousins pulled the system down by tugging on the controller too hard.
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Or those times somebody tripped over the cord when you just spent the last five hours getting to level 9.
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I miss the good ol' days! :)
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hello very early 90s memories well mine was a super Nintendo
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