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OOT Master Sword Cursors

By BLUEamnesiac
Requested by: ~Darkangel70002, a set of Ocarina of Time Master Sword cursors in PNG and CUR (Windows XP-7).
All PNG images will work in most browsers with CSS [link] , the 32x48 CUR cursor will only work in Windows 7/Dev Preview and 64x64/128x128 are yet to be supported by any Windows OS.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time © Nintendo
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I use windows 7 and i have no clue how to use this cursor HHHEEEEELLLPP
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(stealing swords)
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It's so cool! Using it.
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This. Is the coolest addition to my computer!
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Glad it could come in handy. :iconlinklaplz:
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I have a question. How do i upload this to my Cursors folder on my computer (I use Windows 7)
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You don't have to copy it to your cursors folder, since you can point to the file wherever it is on your hard drive [link] . But if you do want to put it there for convenience, browse to C:\WINDOWS\Cursors\ with Windows Explorer and copy & paste it there. :)
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Ok, how do I make it a .cur file
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The ZIP file contains .cur files. Since Windows still maxes out at 32x32 for cursors, extract OOTMasterSword(32x32).cur to the Windows cursors folder or anywhere else on your hard drive.
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This just made my day!
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lookin' good~~~I want this sword IRL D:
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*hides the Master Sword* :paranoid:
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Downloaded the cursor, now how do I get it to work on my computer? I dblclicked on the file and its asking me what program to run it in
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You have to go into your control panel to set the CUR file as your pointer. [link]
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You have to extract the files from the ZIP in a new folder.
Then go to your control panel, go to "mouse" (under hardware/external stuff) and then go to the tab "pointers"
Select browse, go to the folder you just created and ta-dah.

(In windows 7 anyways)

Hope this helps.
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You're welcome. :)
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stabbity stab stabby STAB :iconstabingplz:
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