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OOA+OOS Wooden Sword

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The Japanese version calls it the Sword rather than the Wooden Sword. :P It was called the Wooden Sword because that's what people called the Zelda 1 shield (even though I THINK it's supposed to be Bronze.. or Rust).
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The whole "wooden" Sword thing still baffles me.  I wouldn't mind having a bronze sword though.
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Funny thing is, I read the manga version of Oracle of Seasons, and the Wooden Sword here is the sword used in the whole manga, passed to Link by his grandfather!
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Super cool but think it is more like an non-wooden sword.
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Yep, I might change the title to Noble sword later and make a variant of this with a wooden blade.
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How many swords do you have left?
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That's a very good question! Since I'm mostly sticking to just the swords that Link has and only making ones that have official artwork...
1) Magic Sword (Zelda II)
2) Noble Sword (Oracle of Ages/Seasons) If I can find art for it...
3) Hero's Sword (Wind Waker)
4) Wooden Sword (Twilight Princess)
5) Ordon Sword (Twilight Princess)
6) Recruit's Sword (Spirit Tracks)
7) Practice Sword (Skyward Sword)
8) Goddess Sword (Skyward Sword)
9) Goddess Longsword (Skyward Sword)
10) Goddess White Sword (Skyward Sword)
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Yeah, I've wondered about that to. Maybe the art was supposed to be the next level sword?
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I wondered that too, but even going by the shape of the Noble Sword's sprite [link] , it doesn't seem to match. But it does look like the Wooden Sword... very strange.
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Yeah, well, the sprites are kinda vague, so you never know.
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Yep. It's just kind of strange that there's no official art for the items when everything from ALTTP forward had it. :shrug:
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but..... its not wood :/
nice though
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That's what bugs me too. I doubt the sword Link uses in the official art is the Noble Sword, it's too plain looking. :?
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You do a lot of Zelda art, don't you?
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I's okay, I'm Zelda obsessed, too.
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I didn't know that existed.
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Oh? I use it quite a bit. :XD:
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I thought oh nothing

nice sword
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