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LOZ Sword

By BLUEamnesiac
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This is the sword that appears in the Legend of Zelda title screen and official artwork/merchandise. Strange that it's a rapier and doesn't appear anywhere in the game.

Also see: Fierce Deity's Sword, Razor Sword, Biggoron Sword, Great Fairy's Sword, Gilded Sword, SCII Magic Sword, MM Kokiri Sword, Demise's Sword, SS Master Sword, LA Ultimate Sword, Zeldanime Sword, LOZ Magic Sword 1 & LOZ Magic Sword 2
Tools used: Photoshop CS3 w/ Logitech optical mouse
Layers: 34
Creation time: 30 minutes
Music fuel: Chrono Cross OST

The Legend of Zelda © Nintendo
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I've done a similar sword that's based off of the LOZ title screen sword, I called it Fi's sabre or Foil 
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I always wondered what this sword was anyway. Was it the original design of the master sword or something?
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Looks like Ghirahim's rapier, not sword.
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That's what I meant.
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This must be annoying to grip >_<
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Not really, that silver stuff isn't a part of the grip, it's a basket that encases the hand to prevent an opponent from sliding their blade into your hand after being parried; they were quite common in real life European swords for a long stretch of time (See here:… ). Unless you've got thick monster's paws, it would feel like pretty much any other rapier's grip.
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Yep, but the sword from Zelda II looks even more annoying to grip. :XD: Or at least very uncomfortable.
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What did Zelda's rapier in Twilight Princess look like again?
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This [link] , and I didn't know it was a rapier... it doesn't really look like one. And thank you for the fav'splosion. :XD:
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Aha. You're right, it doesn't look like a rapier. I remembered it as such because that's what zeldawiki calls it. And here I was getting all excited because there might be two rapiers in the series. And you're welcome. ^^
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It probably is if a wiki lists it, though the design is definitely different compared to the norm.
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It would be cool if a rapier sword like this could appear in a Zelda game :)
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It certainly would. Even if it's a rarely used sword, it'll bring in diversity.
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It's probably sharp. :XD:
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Aww... THe mean people in the white coats won't let me have sharp things!
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