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Gilded Sword

By BLUEamnesiac
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Another sword from Majora's Mask. :)

Also see: Fierce Deity's Sword, Razor Sword, Biggoron Sword & Great Fairy's Sword
Tools used: Photoshop CS3 w/ Logitech optical mouse
Layers: 17
Creation time: 28 minutes
Music fuel: ZREO: Ocarina of Time

The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask © Nintendo
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© 2012 - 2021 BLUEamnesiac
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Fun fact this sword is actually more powerful Than the master sword

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Now this is a blade worthy of cutting up dead kings and ninjas.
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Those colors and diamond patterns remind me of a certain demon....
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:iconghirahimplz::iconsaysplz:Who me? Couldn't be! :-P
Seriously though, this is definitely something that fits him perfect. :nod:
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Wow it really does look like Ghirahim
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Slick'n stick'n piece of metal. :wow: YEAH!
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...looks like Ghirahim...
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One of my favorite swords *-*
It was kinda refreshing to not have the master sword in this game :) (naturally xD)
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It sure was. Majora's Mask will forever be the most creative game in the series to me. :)
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Getting this could be of the slightest annoyance, but was always well worth it....

I do admit, Ghirahim's pattern and the sword look similar, although the gilded sword is a stronger forged Korkiri sword.
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Usually good weapons are worth the effort, but it does still feel like a pain in the rear to obtain at times. :P

It wouldn't surprise me if Ghirahim was modeled after this blade, especially seeing how much Fi was based on the Master Sword.
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wish i had that sword in real life =(

it's so worth getting ur fingers sore from racing to get that sword
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I certainly is and wouldn't it make a great letter opener? :D
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:nod: And I=it. Uggh, I really need to stop making so many typos.
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don't worry about it i make a lot of typos 2
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i was just watching a mm walkthrough
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What a happy coincidence! I was watching some old play through that my cousin and I recorded on VHS years back. :XD:
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