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Ghirahim's Rapier

By BLUEamnesiac
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Ghirahim's rapier, which is reminiscent of the one present in the title screen for the original Legend of Zelda. :iconlinklaplz:

Also see: Fierce Deity's Sword, Razor Sword, Biggoron Sword, Great Fairy's Sword, Gilded Sword, SCII Magic Sword, MM Kokiri Sword, Demise's Sword, SS Master Sword, LA Ultimate Sword, Zeldanime Sword, LOZ Magic Sword 1, LOZ Magic Sword 2, LOZ Sword, Captain N Magic Sword, LOZ Wooden Sword 1, LOZ Wooden Sword 2, LOZ White Sword 1 & LOZ White Sword 2
Tools used: Photoshop CS3 w/ Logitech optical mouse
Layers: 12
Creation time: 24 minutes
Music fuel: Mortal Kombat OST

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword © Nintendo
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© 2012 - 2021 BLUEamnesiac
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This is great! Is it ok that I use it?

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I think that is a saber......
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Looks more like a sabre to me, which really fits him, seeing as sabres are traditionally held by those of higher ranks. I believe that's why he favors it, it is in a way a symbol of his high rank.
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I very much appreciate you for making and posting this fantastic reference. I'm cosplaying Ghirahim currently, and in progress of making his rapier. I am no longer stumped thanks to this. 8D
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Minor nitpick: rapiers are straight blades (this is more of a saber), but I've seen it referred to as a rapier elsewhere, so that's not your fault.

Looks great either way.
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I know and I went with calling it rapier because that was the most common name for it on the net at the time.  The reason everyone called it that was probably because this sword was a nod to the one on the original Legend of Zelda title screen that happens to be a rapier.  This beast is hard to classify.  A saber usually wouldn't be this long but a fencing sword would.  Strange, very strange.
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Huh, somehow I never connected it to the LoZ 1 title screen's sword, good catch.
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That's a rapier? It looks more like a katana or saber.
BLUEamnesiac's avatar
I'm not sure what to classify this one has.  It was commonly referred to as a rapier because it's believed to be a homage to the one on the original LoZ title screen.  This sword looks to be a mix of a saber and fencing sword to me.  A katana would be much thinner.
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Okay, first thing first, thank you SO much for posting this. I'm going to cosplay Ghirahim and wanted to build his Rapier..... but I haven't got any references for the details and stuff.
But then I found this.
I almost got the Rapier done now, this reference is just brilliant ♥
You just saved my cosplay :3
(and sorry if my english is wrong, I'm german, so I might have a few mistakes here and there xD)
BLUEamnesiac's avatar
I'm glad it could come in handy for you.  :)  Did you ever post photos of your rapier?
KittyDorcha's avatar
I sadly only got a photo from a convention, but our group just looks like....absolutely dead xDD so I need to take a better picture. But I'll upload it, so you can see it :D
Lin-Mitayu's avatar
Not really a rapier so much as it is a saber, but its so fantastic, great job.
BLUEamnesiac's avatar
True, it's not quite a rapier, but it is loosely reminiscent of the one in the original Legend of Zelda's title screen.
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Perfect fanfic fuel! XD
MagnusHarvest's avatar
It's more of a kilij/saber than a rapier
BLUEamnesiac's avatar
You're quite right. :nod: Though I'll still stick with rapier for the moment since it seems to pay homage to the one in the original Legend of Zelda.
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This is amazing, great job!! :iconexcitedlinkplz: I love Ghirahim's sword... um, well that came out weird... lol :iconpervyghirahimplz:

"This news has just filled my heart with rainbows!" ~Demon Lord Ghirahim (Debbie)
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TheRamenSage's avatar
no problem! ^_^

"This news has just filled my heart with rainbows!" ~Demon Lord Ghirahim
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honestly even though he is one creepy enemy

I wouldn't mind having this blade and using it
BLUEamnesiac's avatar
It would be a lot easier to wield than the Master Sword, possibly deadlier. :XD:
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