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ALBW Master Sword

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:iconlinkderpplz::iconsaysplz:Nintendo, Y U No stick to the original ALTTP design?

The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds © Nintendo
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hey, this may be a dumb request, but do you think you could do the in game version of this? you could use this for reference if you need it.…
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I hate to ask but, could you draw this again? Because this is what it looked like in the E3 version.
It won't be hard, you can draw it either from artwork, or from looking at it in gameplay.
The art work version is basically the design of it from ocarina of time, except it's dark blue.
In gameplay, I believe its a perfect blue colour.
Could you draw this? You don't need too, but you drawn loads of forms of the master sword, so I don't see how drawing this again would be a problem for you.
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I don't know why, but every time I see the Twilight Princess style of having the blade be longer than before, It always looks like it's unbalanced, that you'd waste more energy trying to hold it, let alone swing it with one hand
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It's a decent design. But I'm deffinatley one of those who would've prefered if Nintendo would've kept the original design from ALLTP.
Can't say that I'm surprised that they changed it though. I would've been more surprised if they actually did keep the original.
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Maybe it Link found a dwarf that fixed the blade?
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I guess its because the Master Sword now has a relatively consistent design since OOT and they didn't want to confuse people by changing back?
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That's a possibility. But looking at things from another angle, they might jade long time fans by the sudden change
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