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PKMN V - Ash and Serena II

Full Title: PKMN V - Ash and Serena: Mon Amour Jet T'aime

Another Ash and Serena's Amourshipping A4 poster artwork. The word "Je T'aime" means "I like you" in French. While the title from the same language means "I love you my friend".

Characters (c) Pokemon, Nintendo, Creatures, GAME FREAK, TV Tokyo, ShoPro, JR Kikaku, OLM Digital
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Very creative..with French language is used..which is perfect matched for Kalos, where is based on France....
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Amourshipping !!!
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Satoshi and Serena sweethearts and True Love. In Love Cats in love
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so... are they together in this? Because if so, THANK YOU!!!
This answers my question of whether these 2 characters are dating. Forget I asked that.
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actually the newest Japanese episode of pokemon that aired today had them both going on there first date
No dip bro (no offense I wasn't trying to be mean)
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non taken though I didn't know what you mean by no dip so meh C:
So, Blue90 is this a fanmade gen 7 4 the anime?
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Great work as always! I really hope this pairing actually happens.
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honestly its the most likely we probly will see to a possible cannon lovers situation-though I don't think they will exactly make it cannon- its the mostly likely and closest we may get ^_^
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Ash and Serena make a lovely couple I so hope something like this will happen.

D'aww Misty 

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Nice, cute and beautiful. I love it.
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