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Aze and I are back to work at something new. I will try to post some stuff on here as it comes or you can check out our tumblr

Starting with a short story so we can work on designs and different painting styles to figure out something that works for us and is faster. Both of us have started/arelookingfor new jobs so its been a bit rocky but art is still happening. 

Whops, I seem to have forgotten about DA again! My bad.

The Revolution is back up and running so go check it out

That is all!
This is that moment I realize my last journal was exactly a year ago! Wow. Much fail.

For any comic readers out there it is obvious at this point we suck at social media but I will try to keep the facebook feed active so find us here ---->… for updates on when we will be officially returning. Still wont be for a few months because we will be finishing a chapter before hopping back on the weekly page wagon, however you can find sneak peaks of pages and what not there.

Thanks for stickin' around if you're reading this!
Haven't drawn much in a while. Been trying to motivate myself to get back to drawing the comic but it's been really hard.

I've been working two part time jobs as well as taking two night classes. The time I'm not working is put towards homework and then that bit of spare time is then used to veg out. It looks like I wont be able to draw much until school is done, and then we will see what happens!
Been buried in work and school and everything in between. Don't know when The Revolution will get it's shit together... maybe over the holidays.

Been looking for things to draw and watching a lot of tutorials and stuff to prefect our drawing methods. Might try some stuff on old pages. We will see!
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Hey guys, Aze and I are opening up some bust commissions to help pay for some comic stuff.
Busts will be full painted waist-up of a character of your choice. $20.00 each and we are only doing 5 for now.

An example of what you would get:

If you're interested please note me (or send an e-mail to with your character, any references and a short description.
If you're not interested pass this journal on to someone who might be and we will forever love you xD

Thanks for watching!

Comic here:
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In October I offered 10 free sketches for the first ten people to comment. I'm super slow at these but they are getting done. For now the list is full. Inquire for commissions otherwise. =]

1. :icontigershark06:…
2. :iconphoenixangel924:…
3. :iconrehabilitative:…
4. :iconkiwikassa:…
5. :iconazursky:…
6. :icontalonv:
7. :iconneshemadarkangel:
8. :iconsayuriuzumaki:
9. :iconvarethane:

Took the idea from :icontigershark06: !
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Because I've been AFK from the internet worlds.

Basically the run down of the last few months:

The Revolution got accepted to Spider Forest, so Aze and myself have been trying to rewrite and redraw the beginning of the comic, on top of redesign a new website and trying to organize our disaster of comic pages (since they are spread between like 4 different computers O__o)

I've been working more hours at my part time job which means the days I have off are spent working on what I said above, Or on the cos play for Fan Expo.

Onto of all that life decided to be a jerk.

So basically trying to organize every aspect of my life of actual to virtual has been hectic. But I think I got this.

Anyways, we are near done designing the site. The new banner took us longer then it should have so now it is a matter of trying to code the damn thing. I will keep the world posted on when the new site it up and running again!

thanks to those who have been helping me out! You know who you are xD

See you soon!
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"Be on of the first 20 people commenting on this journal entry, and I will add you to the Featured List!

For each of the 20 first people answering this journal I will put his/her avatar and the three deviations I like most from his/her gallery on the list.

IMPORTANT: If you answer, you'll have to do the same in your journal, putting me on the first place, completing the list with 19 other people. The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone. I will check whether or not you have done this. "

Got the idea from m-a-z-e's journal and I thought it was a pretty neat idea. Why not share art back? I doubt I'll make it past five people because I so don't have that many watchers but here goes!

....can't post thumbnails sorry for the links!

1. :iconmutegator:…


3. :iconazursky:…

4. :iconrehabilitative:…

5. :iconhappy-snappy:…
I'm back from my voyage across the world! After derping around for a week and trying to unjetlag myself I'm ready to start drawing crap again. Woo-Hoo!

I tried to sort out the kinks in my style while I was away, but all that managed to do was make me forget how to draw with my tablet! Damn pencils. But I'm back in the groove now... I hope... so expect regular updates after this week, comic wise.

Yupp.. Happy Summer! :D
Oh heyyyy!

So I'm off Monday to visit the bf in SK! This means comic updates will probably herp derp since I couldn't get them done in time for Aze Y_Y

When I'm gone I'll be working on my drawing a lot. I find the last chapter and a half have been... consistent, but with no improvement. And the whole point of this comic thing is to get better at drawing. Hopefully when I get back there will be some major style changes. Hopefully. :<

Anyways, See you in a month!
It's decided. This summer I'm going to sit myself down and force myself html. The Revolution needs it's own website because I'm sick and tired of drunk duck crapping out on us.  We put up and ad 3 months ago on TWC waited until NOW for it to go in que and right as it does the site goes down. Fan fucking tastic. there goes 20 buxs and 3 months.

If anyone know and good hosts let me know. Soon I'm done with school Imah start looking into it.
I will officially be done my 4 years of Graphic Design. Aw yeah can't wait 8)

It's also the day my dog died 1 year ago :( still miss ya stinky
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So. Here be my dilemma.

After regaining consciousness after seeing The Revolution wedged between The Only Half Saga and Fey winds on the Dream*Scar website, I realized... I can't exactly sum up the damn story. Every other comic and it's mum seems to have a nice sweet short sentence or two that describes the key points, gets the reader interested and doesn't give away the entire plot line.

Why can't I do this for The Revolution? I wrote it, I know what it's about, but every time I come face-to-face with writing a summery I'm at a loss. It's like the creative side of my brain shuts off and all I can come up with is "read-it-or-i-will-throw-a-stick-at-you"
Which is sorta um.. dumb.

So here goes an attempt... and I beg that someone edits this for me.

Before the Empire formed this world was at war. Opposing cities batted over precious stones called Cristalians that were hidden deep within the earth. But 13 years ago a man only known as Z untied these factions and created the most powerful force this world has ever seen. From it he formed the Empire Council and revealed to them a link between Cristalians and mages, claiming that our worlds most valuable resources were being destroyed by these mana users. Seising the opportunity to destroy it's most powerful enemy the Empire attacked their temples and tribes. Entire cultures were erased from history and this new Empire flourished while the world outside city walls withered away. But all hope is not lost. There exists a weapon powerful enough to destroy the Empire and avenge the Mages. The only problem is this weapons been broken, and we aren't the only ones looking for the pieces. -Blue

Also i mostly wrote this to avoid some school work.

If anyone with mad writing skills can make that any shorter so I can actually use it as a description, that'd be wicked. D:

also The Only Half Saga is by :icontigershark06: and Dream*Scar belongs to :iconhchan:
Thank you for all the support you guys have sent our way. Can't tell you how much it means :)


Still working on a description, with some help from :icontigershark06: (thank you again). Came up with a short description for the DD page.. opinions?

Thirteen years ago the Empire formed and wiped out the mage population. Their machines are now destroying the earth and the only weapon powerful enough to stop them has been broken. It's now up to us to find the missing pieces before they do
I really don't wanna do thesis, and someone tagged my sister in one of those 'put your ipod on shuffle" things so i stole it to fill it out. Just for shits and giggles.... and because I play too much L4D and Minecraft... and this involves zombies. :P

Put your favourite media player on shuffle. You can NOT skip past songs. Each song will answer one of these:

1: Overall Theme of the apocalypse
2: This song plays when you kill your first zombie
3: Third song plays when getting chased by a horde.
4: Song that plays when you have to kill your loves one
5: Fifth song plays when you find a group of survivors
6: Plays when you meet a new love interest
7: Seventh song plays when you have to make a final stand
8: Plays when you think you've survived it all [LOL false hope]
9: Discovery of bite mark on you
10:  End Credits


media device: ipod touch 1st gen

1: Theme of Apocolpyse: James Brown- Cage the Elephant…

2: First Kill: Killing In The Name- Rage Against The Machine [LOL too perfect?]…

3: Chased by Horde: American Idiot- Green Day…

4:Kill loved one: Makes Me Wonder- Maroon 5 [oh dear...]…

5: Find survivors: Sugar We're Going Down- Fall Out Boy [why is this on my ipod still...]…

6: New Love interest: Cancer- My Chemical Romance…

7: Final Stand: Wake Up- Rage Against the Machine…

8: False hope: Telephone- Lady Gaga feat. Beyonce [wtf....]…

9: Discovery of bite- Meet Me at My Window- Jack's Mannequin…

10: End Credits: Man I Am-…

.... well that is an interesting play list.... Now YOU! all of you! reply to this with your versions!!
My mum stopped off at the apple store on her way home from work and got me a new cord. At fist it didn't work. and then like magic my laptop turned itself on.

That's one less crappy thing! Time to back up all that data!

My laptop just died. Won't turn on at all. I'm hoping it's just the power cord. Nothing back up because 3 months ago my backup drive erased all my god damn files and I no longer trust it. There goes $150.

My cell phones been acting up for 3 months. Finally got my dad to call rogers and get him to make me a joint administrator on my cell phones account. Call rogers today to get my phone repair. Warranty ran out yesterday. I have the option of getting a really shit phone for free, or pay 50 bux for THE EXACT SAME FUCKING PHONE THAT I GOT FOR $10!

Somewhere someone is finding joy in this. Fuck you Karma. What did i ever do to you.
Alright, so i decided on this wig:… and OF COURSE the seller doesn't ship to Canada. So i found this one:…

should I still try and go for the first or is the second one okay too?? gah. I'm so bad at this


Gonna get a blue wig and need some opinions!
Yes. That's right. I'm a gigantic dork and want a blue wig. (and if you need to ask why then I will kick you)

Anyways. I'm really freaking bad at making a decision... and it's kinda hard to tell with these digital photos so I'm asking for as many opinions as possible on this! Pleaseeee!!

Blue's hair is a light almost... grey/purple/powdery blue colour (not really a bright aqua blue) and the wigs I found are either too neon or have too many weird grey/black colours in them. I've narrowed it down to the following in no particular order:

1:… perfect colour and shape but maybe too much black?)
2:… (really bright blue and seems a bit flat colour wise, but really really pretty shape)
3:… (looks like the perfect colour, almost perfect shape but seems too flat and dead? )
4:… (colours okay... shapes.. meh... iuno?)

Yupp. I found the perfect wig about 4 months back and didnt buy it. I am eternally kicking myself for that.
So back in october Aze and I designed a website for The Revolution and asked a friend to work on it. Today I got the half-finished html code.

I don't know html.

Very well... well, at all... but GO LOOK AT THIS SHIT :…

4 hours of "what does this do-SHIT" and "let's see what happens if i delete this-FFFF" later, we have something that is close to what the original design was going to be. :)

I'm happy with it. Hope you are too! Pages resume as usual this week, but for those that read the comic you can go check out the site design early. :P
Thanks for watching, thanks for commenting, thanks for faving.

Merry Happy Holidays to everyone! :)

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Hey you computer savvy people out there!

Anyone ever hear or use a program called sketch up?
I saw someone using it for a project at OCAD and it totally blew my mind! I was going to use it to render some buildings and stuff for The Revolution since I will be able to see the building take shape in 3D and stuff, but I've never used a 3D program before... (well, other then Poser and I barely know the basics of that one)

So yeah, Just wondering if anyone knows if it's worth getting or it there are easeir programs to use out there. I'm derp when it comes to anything too far off from my "Holy Trinity" (Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator :P )
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