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Sam Expression Sketch

Two uploads this week? woah.

One of the comments I got during The Revolution was that my characters lacked expressions. Working on making them more expressive. Here's to continuing to improve in 2018!

This is Sam. I'm sure his face will undergo some more reconstruction before I am finally happy with it. Another thing I am working on as well. Defined face shapes and stuff. yup.

Comments and feedback always appreciated.
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I got those kinds of comments early on in Plague as well.  So I know what it's like to have to revamp some stuff and practice emoting in characters!
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yeah, and I totally see it. Trying to find a style that im more comfortable drawing too..... Ill get there. Just gotta keep at it.
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yup, practice may not make perfection like some claim, but it will make your art a hell of a lot nicer to look at over time!  (Not that I had any problems whatever with your art to begin with!)
Oh... BTW:

You might remember the first iteration of this one!
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I saw this!!! looking forward to reading it. I have to catch up on a lot of comics.... 
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:P  It's all of a cover and chapter cover at the moment, so no real rush on your part at all! :)
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:D very exciting!
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