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Aaaggh, i keep on resubmitting this deviation coz i cant get the preview image right, so I added 5 more logos. All done in fireworksmx usin built in live effects.

Most of these logos were printed out to be used as stickers, well? tell me wat ya think?
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wow. man that so awsome. brother..
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So very clean and crisp, excellent!
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very cool logo's
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All of these would be great stickers. The ones with the white background would work good transparent.
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I like your logos, the use of the oclors are perfect also the shapes, well done!
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cooool i really like it. amazing! how have you done something incredible like that?
hey can you help me with something? i've got an request for making a logo but i've never used photoshop or something so i'm not good in it. But the guy who asked me is a very good friend of mine and i don't want to disappoint him? can you please give me some handsome tips?
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i use macromedia fireworksmx bro, its very flexible and u can edit images as PATHS , PATHS - meaning u can edit its points and colors unlike Photoshop which uses bitmap editing. I practice everyday and use my own techniques, study tutorials from PS and convert them to fireworks mx. Ei, im a struggling artist 2, can u help me awt makin design projects as well ? i wanna do freelancing online :)
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These are awsum! +fave! :D
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I think they rock !!
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kapa mo blue! tsada nasab...suya na pud ko....
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pooowaaah... :horns:
amazing work. nakitan mana nako ang med na banner. chadaaaa kayo. bilib ko. tsk tsk.. kanusa pako makatuon ana. :thumbsup:

keep it up! :D
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dya ka? kita nimo ? heheh dako man daw kaayo 2? wa pa gyud nako to nakita dah, asa man dapit?

libre himo nako kai ako man gaw nag hangyu, hehe daghan na ga contact ako kai naa kong num nabutang. yipee

tanx ha, mwuah!
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wow ha! payts kayo na pagka advertise! :D
magamit na jud nimog todo imong talent. hala sige, padayuna imong career!! :D
good luck and God bless!!

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wow.. choy! fav nako tong huggables... kinda girly but choy.. :clap:
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great design dude.... i'm tryin' my best to do the mo' glass button design
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Hoy salbahis ka animala ka FAv ko ni, grabe ka choy ... dats kapa mo blue grabe ka choy bai!!!!!!! Jelly ko part !!! Animal ka
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