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WIP 2 - Avian contest entry



Another WIP - of =kilara's Avian contest entry
(I'll scrap this after I finish the actual piece.)
Previous WIP: [link]
Finished piece: [link]

May 18th, 2009
Photoshop and Drawingtablet
Time spent so far: I dunno... 'bout 40-45 hours so far?

I promise this will be the last WIP I post, until I finish this puppy. I'm REALLY happy with the deadline extension (the deadline is the 25th now). I had hoped for a slightly bigger extension, but I should still be able to finish in time...


By the way, does anyone remember what I once said about my computer being like a rickety old man, forced to run the triathlon? It's still a totally valid analogy. XD I think I may be forcing it close to its 'heart attack point' now, though. It keeps giving me these lovely 'running out of hard drive space' messages.


I mean, the Photoshop file is currently 259 MB, which isn't the biggest file I've ever worked with, but then I'm not exactly done yet, now am I?


Current Status:
Since the previous WIP, I have...

- Added Shrike
- Applied some rudimentary shading
- Applied all base colors
- Started applying gradients, details and textures...

After I'm done with all that, I intend to...

- Add the rest of the background
- Apply final layers of shading and effects
- Add waterfalls
- Add atmospheric perspective
- Color linework (in the background, mostly)

I think that's about it. And no, I probably won't be adding any more Avians, even if their ref sheets were added by their owners at the last moment. It's too late for that now. I'm not THAT crazy. XD

I'll add all the copyright info in the description of the finished piece. :)

(Why am I doing all of this again? Oh right, because it's awesome, and because I'm nutty anyway.) :D
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This is sooo awesome.

I really hope this wins.
Go Blue!