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The would-be paladin

April 5th, 2009
Photoshop and drawingtablet

This is Lon, who is yet another one of my OC's and who inhabits the same world as Hemos and Keena. He is currently about fourteen years old and has the lanky teenager-thing going on. Lon's full name is Ganelon, though he prefers to be called Lon (nice and short), and he grew up in the same village as Keena. As kids the two of them used to get into all sorts of trouble, since they both share a sense of adventure and they were both quite mischievous. Lon looks up to Keena as a big sister, even though they are not related. He secretly has a bit of a crush on her, although it probably has more to do with hormones than with anything else, and at any rate he probably would never admit to it anyway. Because of his close relationship to her, Lon is quite jealous towards anyone who might develop an overly friendly relationship with his childhood friend.

When they first met, Lon was particularly jealous of Hemos and was determined not to like him. Lon always claimed that he distrusted the older man for his vampirism, but that was never the true reason. Eventually, Lon grudgingly had to admit that Hemos was actually a 'sorta okay guy'. When Hemos started teaching Lon swordplay, they quickly became quite close friends.

When Keena first left their home town, vowing to have great adventures and prove her worth to her father, Lon, who was left behind, was quite depressed. He quickly got over that, and decided to pursue his own dream, to become a great warrior - no, the greatest warrior to ever walk the land. He decided that the only way to achieve this, was to become a paladin - a mighty knight in service of all that is good. Unfortunately for Lon, this is a position usually reserved for nobles, not for simple country folk like himself.
However, this did not dampen his spirits one bit. He swore he'd become a paladin one way or another. Rather than going through training and joining the sacred paladin order, he figured he could simply have grand adventures and gain experience that way. Also, this method happened to lead him down the same path as Keena, so that made it all the better.

As a self-proclaimed paladin, Lon tries to imitate his idols as much as possible. To this end, he has gathered various bits and pieces of miss-matched armor, and wears them, even though they are often too big and too heavy for him. His grandfather's old army shield in particular is so heavy, that he often doesn't even wear it on his shield arm when he fights. He just wears it on his back instead. The battered old shield is enchanted to repel fire, but Ganelon initially wasn't aware of this.

Ganelon's skill with the sword is comparable to that of an amateur, but he is improving fast. If he had been unencumbered by all his heavy gear, he would have been quite nimble on his feet, but now it just weighs him down, without actually giving him all that much protection in return. His friends have tried to persuade him to get rid of at least some of the gear, but so far Lon has refused to get rid of even one piece of rusty, old metal.

Lon has a rather uncomplicated personality and his goals in life are quite simple: to enjoy himself, to be the best he can be, to have nice adventures and to be close to his friend Keena. He is somehow able to befriend almost everybody (although he can also easily offend anyone, if he feels like it), but has formed a particularly close friendship with Yanko. The two of them share quite a few personality traits. They are both quick-witted, have sharp tongues and are perpetually frustrated with the 'old people' of the group. They like to pull pranks on people, and they basically do the silly things guys their age do.
Unlike Yanko, Lon doesn't have quite as many frustrations in life, although he does dislike being treated as the young newbie in the group (he isn't actually the youngest or the weakest member, but he does usually get treated that way). As a result, Lon often feels the need to go out and prove his worth as a warrior, which of course tends to get him into more trouble than he bargained for. Despite their friendship, he also has quite a few fights with Yanko, since subconsciously neither of them wants to be inferior to the other. Yanko feels that the fact that he's older grants him superiority over Lon, while Lon thinks his superior fighting abilities mean he shouldn't yield to the faun. Their rivalry can lead to the fiercest of arguements, but ultimately they drive each other on to be better than they ever could have been on their own. Yanko in particular ends up being inspired to finally fight for what he believes in.
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He sounds like a pretty fun character. I like how his outfit is bits of old armor that he collected. That's a really neat idea - So he gets to travel around with bulky mis-matched pieces ;P I agree with Sheepi- you have amazingly detailed bios on your characters. It's enjoyable to be able to read about their background as well.