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June 5th, 2009
Photoshop and drawingtablet

Okay, first off, I wasn't going to shade this, but when I finally had the flats and the admittedly messy gradients in place, I couldn't help but try out a shading technique suggested to me by =trainerBAM. And then I half-assed it, because my hand started to hurt, and it was late, and I basically fell asleep on top of my tablet... Long story short, I kinda gave up half-way through, which is why the shading looks unfinished in some places. Actually, only the face looks any good. Heh.

Anyway, moving on to the character. This is an Ethara character, and probably the last one I'll post for a while. She's also a somewhat minor character, in that she doesn't travel with the rest of the main group. Her name is Quill Swooptalon, and she's a harpy. In Ethara, harpies used to be regarded with some suspicion. They were thought to be noisy, thieving, dangerous monsters, who stole food, defecated in public, seduced men, and ate babies. That is not true, though. They don't eat babies. Puppies maybe, but not babies.
Ahem, harpies are strange race, in that they only consist of females. They interbreed with males from compatible species, and of the resulting babies the girls are usually harpies, while the boys always belong to the father's species. Boys may also carry an inactive harpy gene, which they could pass on to their daughters, even when they marry a non-harpy woman. Surprise surprise! It's a whole genetics thing, which I'll explain some other time... Maybe...

Most harpies are flamboyant, voluptuous, intelligent, talkative, physically strong individuals, with a bit of an obsession for shiny things. Quill has all of those characteristics as well, although she is considerably less flamboyant than most members of her race. She found out that wearing lots of jewelry and pretty clothes did not mix well with her chosen profession. Like Hemos, she is a bounty hunter, and a very good one. She and Hemos met each other long before the story kicked off, and worked together on several missions. Whenever she meets him, she tends to greet him with overly-seductive signs of affections, just to anger Keena. Keena and Quill decided not to like each other, pretty much the instant they first met.

Luckily for Keena, the group doesn't see much of Quill. She's on a mission from the government, to secretly try and locate and recover the missing Dark Lord. At the moment nobody knows Mogranos is missing, but time is running out, and his recovery is urgent. She also has quite a bit of competition from other bounty hunters who were hired by the government as well. Quill spends most of her time chasing down Dorian, not because she suspects him to be Mogranos in disguise (which he is), but because she thinks he may have information about the Dark Lord's whereabouts. Dorian has a pretty hard time shaking the persistent harpy.

In battle Quill uses a broad sword, a nifty self-resetting hand-crossbow which can also be used as a small shield (not drawn here), and some limited magical spells. All harpies can fly and glide, thanks to the big wings, their light weight and their strong arms. But they can't fly very long distances, which is why all harpies tend to mostly travel on foot. Flight is only used when it is absolutely necessary. When they do fly, they fly fast. A harpy can also airlift an adult man, but this will tire her out a lot faster.

I'm pretty happy with Quill's design at the moment, although I think her face may still be a bit too plain, considering that she IS a harpy. More marking may still be in order. I'm still unsure about the outside of the wings, and the outfit. I think they still need some tweaking.
I'll admit that Quill's design is inspired by WoW's version of harpies. They are pretty cool looking creatures.
There are a few more side-line Etharians, who I'll probably draw some other time. And there's also the 'Anti-Ethara cast' coming up. I hope that got you curious. ^__^
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I love this piece, she has such an awesome and creative design!