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March 5th, 2009
Photoshop and drawingtablet

Link called. He wants his gauntlets back...

This is another one of my OC's, her name is Keena and she's the feisty tomboy I was talking about when I introduced Hemos earlier. While Hemos is a total sweetheart, Keena usually just starts fighting whenever she's unhappy. She's not a bad person though, she just has a huge temper. Keena has monster strength to boot, and can easily knock out men twice her size. Nobody really knows why she is so strong (she's just a regular human). Keena thinks her gauntlets give her her power, but in reality it's all her.

I designed both Hemos and Keena roughly two years ago. Since then Hemos has really only had a wardrobe change, but Keena has had quite a make-over. She used to be a skinnier girl, with long pink piggy tails and green army-style clothing. Only the gauntlets have stayed more or less the same. I rather prefer her current design. XD

Keena as a character was inspired by several different other characters. One of the main inspirations was Inui Banjin, one of the bad guys in Rurouni Kenshin, who had a totally insane battle style using heavy gauntlets. I imagine that Keena fights a bit like him. Another important inspiration is a Dutch folkloric hero of sorts. Her name was Kenau and in the 16th century she and a group other women fought to save their besieged city of Haarlem. This made her a hero, but apparently she also had a rather difficult personality, which meant that her name soon became a bit of an insult for women who were considered she-males. Nasty ones. So now you know where Keena got her name from.
And finally Keena as a character was also partially inspired by Samantha Carter, from Stargate SG-1. No, Keena doesn't have her smarts, but she does have her spirit. And a similar taste in hairstyles.
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