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Those of you who also visit my site may already know that my brother found a stray cat last week. Again.

This time he found a friendly young tom, who looks an awful lot like my old cat Tiger (died January 2008). Since the shelters are INCREDIBLY full, and won't take on any new cats at the moment (apparently it's cat-dump-season) we're keeping him for a few weeks to see if an owner will come forward.

He's incredibly energetic, and like any playful youngster he can be quite annoying, though not in a particularly evil way, like the last stray cat we fostered. She tried to eat our budgies... >.>

This cat, however, who we're calling Bram for now, doesn't even go near them. He does like to attack people's feet though. And he also seems to like perching on my Wacom Tablet.

While I'm trying to use it.

That's one of the rough sketches for my PSC contest entry, by the way (32 pages and counting so far).

Other favourite perches include my cluttered desk, the printer, my computer and, not surprisingly, any bed he can find.

And no, if no owner comes forward, we don't know if we'll keep him. He's sweet, but being such a bouncy youngster, you really need to keep an eye on him.

An owner did come forward, so 'Minou' went home today (Dec 2nd, 2009).
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forrgotenrose's avatar
Aw he looks so sweet :meow:
I kinda hope you keep him cause then you could post pictures of him doing dumb stuff :dummy:

And I see kleenex in the background!
Blue-Uncia's avatar
Lol. Well, we might. It depends on how well-behaved he is. If he turns out to be a natural disaster on four legs, then we might have to bring him to the shelter anyway, but until then...

Let's just hope he grows out of the REALLY silly stuff. XD

Yeah, I had a cold a few months ago, and I never cleared out my desk afterwards. Lol.
forrgotenrose's avatar
My cat used to atack feet and legs, but she's grown out of it (might be the fact that she old and fat)
So you never now he might to!
Blue-Uncia's avatar
Yeah, that's true. XD
Fluna's avatar
I like his lynx like ears *--*
Blue-Uncia's avatar
Lynx ears? He doesn't have much in the way of tufts going on, actually. XD
Kazuki99's avatar
O.o wait a sec.....Where is his tail!? O.o
I can't see it in the photo.
Blue-Uncia's avatar
It's wrapped around him on the other side. ;)

His tail is very long and quite bushy for a shorthair. :)
Kazuki99's avatar
Whew,that's good to hear. I almost thought that he doesn't have one ^^;
Blue-Uncia's avatar
Lol. Well, that wouldn't exactly be the end of the world, but yeah. :)
jessicaashleyshort's avatar
He looks awfully familiar to my cat I took care of called Jared, but he had a spot of white over his left eye. XD
Blue-Uncia's avatar
I see. So Jared is no longer with you then?
jessicaashleyshort's avatar
Sadly no. :( I wished for him and his brother to come home with me but my dad doesn't like cats - however my mom does.... aaaannnddd we have a hunting dog.
Blue-Uncia's avatar
Ouch, dogs usually don't mix too well with cats. :(
jessicaashleyshort's avatar
Well, depends on the dog. :) I had a cat named Toby when I was five and I also had a Golden Retriever dog and a German Shepherd dog, Buddy and Taylor. They worked fine.
Blue-Uncia's avatar
Well, that's true, I suppose. We also have two Golden Retrievers at the moment, Sophie and Emma, but Emma likes to bark and chase, so that doesn't work too well with cats.

That said, she and the cat have been seen trying to get closer to each other over the last few days. They're both young and naturally curious about everyone in the house, so that might be the reason for it... :)
merely-mango's avatar
Cute little rascal, though. T_T
I hope the owner comes forward soon. That's awful about the shelters too, I can't believe that! :(
Blue-Uncia's avatar
Yeah, he's cute. :)

Me too. Those shelters being stuffed to the brim are a tell-tale sign. Why people dump their animals in this weather is beyond me. :P
meroe1313's avatar
I really hope an owner comes forward. He looks like a spirited kitty deserving of a good home! He posed just perfectly for this, didn't he. :D We have two younger cats, so I know how nosey they can be.
Blue-Uncia's avatar
Yeah, he posed quite nicely. ^^

Nosey is an understatement! XD
A-lie134's avatar
Aaah das tof :D ken niet veel mensen die zomaar straatkatten innemen ^^

T'is echt jammer dat er nog zoveel mensen gewoon hun beesten buiten laten rondlopen met zo'n weer, of die gewoon dumpen omdat ze het beu zijn tsss
khoop dat hij alleen maar verdwaald is en snel zijn meester terugvind!! ^^

Wat gaan jullie er mee doen, als er geen baasje opduikt?

(De catalogus van de ... iets :XD:)
Blue-Uncia's avatar
Tja, we houden wel van katten, alleen deze blijkt, nu dat hij wat bijgekomen is, nogal een wilde speler te zijn. Hij kan nogal krabbelen. XD

Tja, je zou verwachten dat als mensen hun beest echt missen, dat ze dan meteen melding doen en bijvoorbeeld naar het asiel gaan om te kijken of hij daar is. Bij het asiel gaan ze dan namelijk meteen in de landelijke database kijken. :P

Maar goed, misschien dat er nog iemand komt.

We weten nog niet wat we met hem doen als er niemand komt. Hij is op zich wel leuk, maar wordt wel een beetje vervelend af en toe. Hij wil nog wel eens op boeken bijten en zo. Maar dat hoort misschien wel gewoon bij de leeftijd of zo... :P

Catalogus? Wat bedoel je daarmee? XD
A-lie134's avatar
naah, wanneer die jong zijn, zijn die altijd zo, lol en eens ze 2 jaar ouder zijn worden die gewoon papzakken XD mijn kat is zo (beide eigenlijk maar Bellule is wat oud dus normaal ;p)

Hangt af if hun kat een ... hoe heet dat ding lol "puce" in Frans onder hun vel heeft of een tatoo, aangezien niet elke kat dat heeft (mijn zijn een perfecte voorbeeld XD, maar sinds die nooit buiten willen gaan -_- tis jammer maar zo)

Ik hoop het want die ziet er te schattig uit :D

hmm Poussière doet het wanneer ze eten wilt XD en das nu de enige manier om mij direct wakker te maken (efficienter dan een wekker) sinds ze op mijn cursusen/tekening/enz bijt XD tis een duivel dat kat lol, dus da's niet zeker dat hij het niet meer doet (ah is water op hem spuiten en tword wel afgeleerd ;p)

boek naast de kat :D
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