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Two Sides - Zuko

Red Fire. Blue Spirit.


Well, I said I was gonna draw these in alphabetical order, but once I got this image in my head, I had to draw it.

Zuko is a character with multiple sides. There were a bunch of other situations I could have used, but I eventually settled on the Blue Spirit for this pic -- just 'cause it's fun to draw =P.

Anatomy has never been my specialty, so I probably spent the most time trying to get the muscles looking right. No idea if it's at all accurate :XD:.

Thanks for viewing :D.

Edit: Fixed some lighting issues, and moved Zuko's head to fit better on his neck :XD:


The 'Two Sides' Series:

Two Sides - Aang
Two Sides - Katara
Two Sides - Sokka
Two Sides - Toph
Two Sides - Zuko


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another of the Blue Ten's wonderful artworks. This Two Sides series is so brilliant that I can't do anything if not to critique everyone of his work. Here we can clearly see that the time he said he spent on the anatomies was really worthwhile. Zuko's pose and the perspective here is simply great, and the Blue Spirit's Giant mask gives a scary, though amazing, touch on the pic. About the concept, instead of going to the obvious Prince Zuko and the "Zuko alone" or any other of zuko's personalities here we see zuko and, judging by his hair we can see it's after he has been banished, and his opposite, the spirit who helps avatar. The redish and blackish contrast of the pic is simply great, I just would improve that fire that, thought it's not static, it's very plain/simple
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I just read a fanfic about the fire prince's child. In the story, Zuko is so sexy that even his OWN DAUGHTER thinks he's a babe! XD
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:iconblue-ten:, check your group messages. You'll find there's 7 from :iconcartoon-chaos: of which I'm founder of.
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Cool and hot XD
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My favorite out of this set is Toph's. Second is Katara's, because the drama and symbolism is really immediate in both.
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This is amazing. I love what you did, with the Fire and the Blue Spirit mask. I also really like what you did, with the details, colouring, shading and expression.
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I'm gonna be honest and say you draw the mask better than Zuko...but I love the pic anyway!
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Neat, but his face looks too young somehow.
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That is awesome!
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That's really cool.
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the twosides series iscool
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i hate to say it but the "from above" amgle makes zuko look like a midget.

this "two sides" is not as good as the others in the set, and you picked "zuko & blue spirit" as the sides, but i dont really see the "spirit" as a part of Zuko, just a disguise,

i would have picked,

1: Zuko in fire-nation armour at the start of the show, shaved head with topknot,
2: Zuko when he joins the gaang at the end no topknot, hair grown out, wearing cloth
1: "Zuko after he joins the gaang as before
2: zuko when he goes back to the fire9nation with hair grown out AND a topknot in full fire-nation regalia (from when everyone thought he killed Aang and he was made the heir again.)

or perhaps even "exiled fire-nation prince Zuko" Vs "earth kingdom swordsman Lee"

oooh, drawing it so it looks like they are about to start fighting would look good, actually.
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XD Yeah, this was before I had an okay grasp of anatomy. It's another picture that I was thinking of fixing up. This was also drawn before Book 2 wrapped up, so I didn't know that Zuko was going to join the gaang. I agree that Book 1 Zuko compared to Book 2 Zuko would have been a good one to go with :)
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book two was the earth kingdom one right? its been a while since i saw it.

i think "earth peasant lee" would contrast better with "fire lord zuko" to show a difference in station as well as earth/fire.

the look he had from the very start (menacing armour and shaved head) would contrast better with his "just joined the Gaang" look.

to show him changing sides and his character becoming more sympathetic (at the start, he looked like a bad-guy in evil spiked armour, because that's pretty much all he was, then back-story happened and he was suddenly a lot less scary)

then again, zuko changed his look more than any other character in the show, had more character development too. so you have a lot of options

Iroh could make a good "two sides" too, one with the fat little tea maker in his shop and the other bursting out of a jail-cell, built like a brick out-house
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Hehe. I love his little huffing out fire. Really nice job incorporating his different sides here. It looks really great. :D
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Okay, now that thats out of my system...
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