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Two Sides - Toph


Major Edit: Since this is my last 'Two Sides' pic, I decided it needed to be a bit more eventful (that, and Toph deserves a much better tribute :D). I added a second view, from the other side of the room. The picture feels a lot more complete now; I'm glad I added on to it. Enjoy :).

Oh, and you don't have to comment a second time if you don't want to, lol XD.

Toph Bei Fong and The Blind Bandit

Edit: Thanks goes to ~DenraWaterWolf for pointing out "The Blind Bandit" was a more appropriate title than "The Runaway"


Hehe, I kinda regret not including any earthbending in this pic, but I was trying to focus more on Toph's different attitudes -- one as the Bei Fong family's daughter and the other as her earthbender self.

I also tried to give this one more atmosphere and symbolism than the previous entries. And for that I guess I sacrificed dynamic camera angles and element bending, lol =P.

And that's it for the Two-Sides project :phew:. Can't believe I've been working on this for over a year already :XD:.

Hope ya like :D.


The 'Two Sides' Series:

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Two Sides - Toph
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This might be the best one from the entire two side series

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OMG toph's my favorite character, she's awesome

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"I am a Shadow. The true self"

This reminds me of an anime opening.

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   Nice two sides.
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You think Toph would notice how much they look alike?
I suppose not
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AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One of the BEST pictures of Toph the dang best character in A.T.L.A. (though she's far from the only badass in it) I've ever seen!!! *grins in utter joy*
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The Lotus and the Bandit.  I find Toph's name to be one of the most well selected of the characters.  It means "lotus," a flower that represents the demure, graceful, elegant noblewoman her parents wanted her to be.  But as the show itself points out, it is phonetically similar to "tough," which is how she sees herself.  The irony of it all is delightful.
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I'm not a lesbian but for some reason I think toph looks hot
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:iconblue-ten:, check your group messages. You'll find there's 7 from :iconcartoon-chaos: of which I'm founder of.
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This picture suits Toph to a T. Seriously, you really captured her character here.
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Incredible picture :wow:
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i love that smile ^^
the upper Toph appears to be looking down and wondering "what are you up to?"

both Tophs are terrific and great.
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