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Two Sides - Katara

3/20/2012 Major Edit: A huge thanks to AwesomeAltArt on Tumblr for posting the Two Sides series and sending so many followers my way *__*. It reminded me that I needed to update this pic. Made a bunch of changes including some fixes to Katara's hand/face and some adjustments to create a better range of color. Her skin is now closer to the proper tone. I'm not sure what happened the first time around; I'm pretty sure I grabbed the skin color right from a screenshot, but she ended up looking pale as death after all the lighting adjustments I made XD.

Waterbender, Bloodbender.

FINALLY :phew:.

I caught a little cold, so while staying home today I started on and finished Katara's illustration in the Two Sides series. It was fun, and surprisingly the angle didn't trouble me as much as I thought it would. The hands, though, were a pain -- and they still don't look quite right :XD:.

This concept might seem a bit morbid, I just realized, lol. But if you prefer, pretend the red water is a trick of the light... or grape juice. It's entirely metaphorical anyway :D.


The 'Two Sides' Series:

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Two Sides - Katara
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I don't think this is all that well done. Beautifully drawn, but what I see is Katara bending water with some red strips on her left side. If I hadn't read you statement on the subject, I wouldn't have realized it was blood bending.

I agree. With Toph and Aang's (I'm working my way through), you could see their different personalities. But this one had me confused

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This is beautiful! I especially love the colors and... well just everything!
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I like Avatar. I did a fanart of a character from that show. It's pretty much as simple as that.

By the way, I noticed that you're posting a comment identical to this one on multiple deviations. That's a quick way to get your account banned for spam, just a heads-up.
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:iconblue-ten:, check your group messages. You'll find there's 7 from :iconcartoon-chaos: of which I'm founder of.
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Nice job! I love the details, especially the water/blood. Great job on the shading, lighting, pose and colouring.
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katara was not happy when she was forced to use blood bending,in fact she considered it a pretty sinister form of bending and she got it banned...however i still love how you drew her.
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I hate Katara but love this art! Favorited!
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Waterbending Is her normal power so she goes intense with Bloodbending
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Woah. It took me a moment staring at the image to figure out what the second "side" was supposed to be, but when it hit me... dang. The pretty picture suddenly got *real* creepy.
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Wow, the coloring of this is beautiful......
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Wow. This is really really awesome. Love the meaning behind it.
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Blood bending= BOSS!!!!
Is she good or bad in the "Two Sides" series?
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She's both, in this picture she's mainly seen waterbending but behind that is blood, for bloodbending.
Sure, she doesn't bloodbend much, but she is rather split. The same loyalty and friendship that makes her sweet will result in some rather...severe...threats.
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It would have looked cooler if you rose her head slightly up, so we can also see her entire expression, but it's still good
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