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Toph Wallpaper

Hehe, I guess I've broken the chain of continuous Teen Titans fanart in my gallery :XD:.

Surprisingly, I completed this all in one day. The pencils were already done, just waiting to be colored.

Toph's pose there was taken from a scene in her debut episode. I needed an authentic stance, and since I don't know much about Southern Praying Mantis Kung Fu, I had to go to the source, lol. Using a screenshot as reference is too easy, so I changed a couple things to challenge myself a little XD.

^^; I tried to write a little haiku there too. Don't know how good it is :XD:.

This was pretty fun to draw. I might be making wallpapers for the rest of the Avatar characters :D.

Widescreen Version (1920x1080)


Avatar: The Last Airbender © Nickelodeon
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eyes of stone...see what you did there...
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This is really good! I love the way you drew her face. The haiku is decent too.
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awesome! and great Haiku!
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WOW,what an awesome wallpaper,am definitely going to use it! :)
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can you make a aang wallpaper
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Wow, this is awesome! The haiku worked out well, too. Love i!!
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very classic :3 and epic clean and clear cg shading = PERFECT
you made my day man :iconimhappyplz:
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can i use this in a youtube vid
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Lol, I have this as my desktop ^^
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This work is now featured in :icontoph-lovers:
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:D Thanks so much for featuring my fanarts!
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No problem! You've got great stuff!
i love the pic and the saying
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Lovely haiku is love!
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No problem! you're welcome.
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I know you did this wallpaper long time ago, when I didn't even know about Avatar (sadly in my country it started airing about two months ago), but I have a big favour to ask you - if it wouldn't take much time for you, then could you make a widescreen version of this one :) ? I tried to do it myself, but I just burried myself into confidence that my graphic skills suck. If it's not much work, then could you please do it for me and all Toph fans with widescreen monitors :) ?
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I found the files and fixed up a widescreen version for you. Here: [link] :)
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