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The Banished Prince

Based on this photo. More info and images can be found here and on the movie's official site.

:o What's this? Avatar fanart?

XD I've been picking away at this one since I finished the one for Aang. Again, I referenced the photo heavily, but I tried to take more artistic license here. Pant Tool Sai made the background so much easier this time around >_>

About the movie -- personally, I'm glad they cast Dev Patel as Zuko. He may not look exactly like him, but I'm positive he can portray the character with more depth than... other choices could have XD. If you're worried about this guy playing Zuko, watch Slumdog Millionaire and you might be swayed about his acting skills.

Hehe, anyway, it felt great to post a big fanart after so long. Hope you like it :].
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"I am Zuko. Son of Fire Lord Ozai and Ursa. Prince of the Fire Nation, and heir to the throne! I know you’re hiding him or her! Where is he!?"


"Fine then. Firebenders, bring me all the elderly!"
As a Brazilian who watched the dubbed version, I'm glad at least he got the same voice actor who dubbed him in the cartoon for Brazilian audiences.
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Whoa! That must have been interesting :o. It's pretty cool that they did that, haha
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well this pic its actually better than the movie itself lol...
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Posted in 2009. Then, it suddenly gets front page...

Am I missing something here?
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It was on the front page? Maybe they're playing an April Fools prank on me XD.
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you forgot to make the scar extremely faded and barley visible XD
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For all the movie's faults, I think Dev Patel did a good job as Zuko. This photo looks like it's from the cartoon xD
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Wow, you make him look awesome. 
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He was the best actor in that whole movie, and picking him was the best decision made in that whole movie.  Sadly, not many other good decisions made.  

Love your depiction!
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I completely agree!
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I didn't like the movie, but you make the scenes look bada**!
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Goddamnit, that is what the scar should have looked like...

Props to Dev Patel for acting his ass off for this trainwreck of a film.
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Yeah, Dev really tried and did a good job!!
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I hated this movie!
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it's amazing.Your pic just makes him much more like zuko.unfortunately...he doesn't do well in the movie,I think
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Nice mix between the two looks. I mean, the movie wasn't too good, but the effects were decent:P, and I did like the costume design as well!
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Love your renditioning of Zuko here! I admit that I actually did like Dev cast in the role of the fire nation prince; heck, I even liked Shaun Toub as Iroh (even though I wasn't too fond of his hair...) but overall the movie was not to my liking.
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