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Finally finished this one :D. Had the sketch just sitting there for a while. Been a while since I've done a fanart too XD.

Can't wait to see this series :excited:


Here's a super useful character and effect guide from the people behind AtLA, which helped a lot for this pic :]

You can read more about the Legend of Korra here and here.
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There's the avatar! Awesome work on her. The details are great, the lighting and shading are fantastic and the colouring is extremely pretty.
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:iconblue-ten:, check your group messages. You'll find there's 7 from :iconcartoon-chaos: of which I'm founder of.
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This is wonderful!  I actually saw this other version first.  Did you design this upgraded look for the countdown or did someone else just modify your own?  Hey, even if you didn't, at least they slapped your URL in a visible place!  :D
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Thanks so much! :D

Yep, Ben contacted me and asked if I could update the pic to be square and change Korra's look for the countdown :). He added the text, borders and that 'lens flare' from the eyes :3
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so much detail, and beautiful colors, overall, well done!!!! -D
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Like the lightning here !!
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You are amazingly talented.
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Oh man, that is really beautiful. WOW.
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Neat! The colors here are very vibrant.
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Someone is stealing this D:
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Hmmm :(. Someone pointed one of these out to me before and I contacted the seller and they took it down. This looks like a different seller. I'll see if I can contact them, but I feel like they're just going to keep doing it. Thanks for the alert though :]
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You're welcome :)
Hopefully they don't keep doing it :/
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This is truly awesome! :heart: :D
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she looks amazing! love the dynamicness and coloring here ^0^
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I have a poster of this in my room :happybounce:
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:D You must have been at Otakon. Glad you like the poster! :]
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Yeah it was amazing :D
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i love this draw, i love draw korra but this draw style is amazing
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Really awesome drawing, I absolutely love the way you've drawn the elements.
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