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Apollo Aang - for ASN

I just got the OK from ASN to post this here on DA :D (lotta acronyms there :XD:).

Back in September I got a request to do a graphic for AvatarSpirit.Net. Needless to say, already being a big fan I nearly tripped over my own e-mail in enthusiastic acceptance :).

They wanted a picture of Aang in a spacesuit, standing next to an ASN flag. This was for the introduction of ASN's new screenshot database search, dubbed "Project Apollo" -- hence the moon-landing theme of the pic.

Fanartists, the database is an invaluable resource for all your Avatar reference needs. If you're looking for specific screenshots, you'll be able to find them in a snap with this tool :D.

- - - - - -

My thanks goes out to ASN and Acastus for giving me the opportunity to draw something for them... and for all the pageviews/messages that resulted from their mentioning my DA gallery ;).
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this is one small step for man, one large step for avatar aang lol beautifully done
SupergeekGr33n's avatar
He should treat Yue with respect instead of proudly stomping on her.

...just kidding, Avatar Armstrong is cool! Nice work.
ArtySpartyGirl's avatar
Aang: Yue I bring you some furniture for free!!
Yue: Oh thank you but I don't like them!!
Bring a moon Castle and Aliens!!
ArtySpartyGirl's avatar
This makes me to laugh!!!
Shadow-Messenger's avatar
Yue: Aang, I'm very glad you defeated the Fire Lord, got fame and fans and all that crap... BUT GET THESE F***** FLAGS OFF ME, THEY ITCH AND I'M NOT A HEDGEHOG!!!!
girllover1's avatar
one small step for man one giant leap for avatar kind
xkw7's avatar
fedoraStorm's avatar
Aang would most definitely want to be an astronaut. Or a hippie. Or a jewelry maker. But mostly an Astronaut!
Blue-Ten's avatar
Aang: "I don't see why I can't be all three" :D

Thanks for the comment!
fedoraStorm's avatar
Well, with everyone's icon reminding me to comment, it seems like a requirement.
anarchemitis's avatar
Earth is the only thing anyone could bend on the moon :|
DarkApocalyspe's avatar
*Fanfare* First bald kid on the moon
Fradalikeztoons's avatar
Hey, aang ebnds AIR, right? So what's he gonna do in the cold vacuume of space?
DarkApocalyspe's avatar
Bend Blackholes and nebulas :)
Fradalikeztoons's avatar
That would be so epic!
DarkApocalyspe's avatar
tharal2814's avatar
That is totally fake, you can easily tell that aang is actually in a studio poising.
Blue-Ten's avatar
LoL! Conspiracy!
dcmae4's avatar
I love the design of the spacesuit. And, even though it's a given, amazing art as always.:D
clwnprincessofcrime's avatar
Blue-Ten's avatar
Thanks so much :D.
aangfan77's avatar
One of my all time favs of avatar fanart - bravo!!
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