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June 3, 2009
PSToast by ~Blue-Sky-Complex. The suggester said that "The main reason I'm suggesting this is the sheer ingenuity required to think up the system and, of course, the technical skill required to carry it off. And come on, who can't resist something so cool looking?" And, who could possibly resist seeing this PS2oaster in fullview?!
Featured by Kitten-of-Woe
Suggested by timmy64
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It was decided that my Playstation was too boring, so I put it inside a toaster. Unfortunately, I had to remove the toaster's innards, so I can't make toast and play video games at the same time. The Playstation is still fully functional though. I bet YOUR Playstation isn't as cool as mine!

This was featured at Destructoid on 1/4/07! Hurrah!


EDIT: I got a much nicer picture. It's better, yes? No more of my gross kitchen in the background.
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chrome-toaster's avatar
There are no words to adequately express my delight. this is fun and wonderful.
xXxXRenoXxXx's avatar
Don't tell me that this actually works....
Lcx78's avatar
Absolutely amazing !
NickMaster64's avatar
a ps2 you can play and make breakfast with epic
If everything could be playstation..
where can i get one?
alisa's avatar
cool job :D :D :D :D ........bye
coreyconway's avatar
what in the world? :slow: I like it
moneyforgum's avatar
HosTehNoob's avatar
Holy crap can it play Metal Toast Solid?
00alisa00's avatar
this is great! :D
Kjrin132's avatar
ToastStaion 2 FTW!!
jokerfran's avatar
It doesnt get to much hot inside?
bopx's avatar
Holy shit.

thats an expensive toaster.
almcdermid's avatar
:rofl: (I really don't know what else to say. :) )
barbaroshima's avatar
This is absolute genius. :D
It's a shame that it can no longer make toast, but I suppose some things just aren't meant to exist.
iamthelizardqueen's avatar
This is amazing and I love it. You are my new hero!
Wicked cool. Now how are you going to "match" the display desvice?
thespes's avatar
Snaps for originality!
Jesusdragon737's avatar
That is freaking amazing. Hats off to you.
mw091280's avatar
Vexirox's avatar
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