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Great at art but not so great at expressing your stories in written form? I can help! With aid from you, I can capture your characters in written form as short stories or small chatting snippets. Just send me a note, and let your creative world unfold....
Digital Art: Fantasy or OCs etc.
I do fantasy art or other works. Just whatever you want me to make. Lol! Exceptions include: nudity, excessive violence, sensual content, etc. (my discretion).
I can do portraits with a base picture to go by. I can make minor edits, like the one of my best friend that I edited into a fantasy vampire. :)

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Heavy Thoughts by Blue-Rose98 Heavy Thoughts :iconblue-rose98:Blue-Rose98 3 0 Cajun-Style Fifteen-Bean Soup and Rice by Blue-Rose98 Cajun-Style Fifteen-Bean Soup and Rice :iconblue-rose98:Blue-Rose98 0 0 Homemade Eggroll and Rice by Blue-Rose98 Homemade Eggroll and Rice :iconblue-rose98:Blue-Rose98 0 0 Not a Hoot by Blue-Rose98 Not a Hoot :iconblue-rose98:Blue-Rose98 1 0
General Andoen walked the dirty streets of Peor somewhat skiddishly. This was a very poor part of the restless merchant city, and he was anxious to be through it. Each eye, from the venders to the beggars, seemed to be sizing him up. He was cloaked, hood raised, and trying his best to be unassuming. He had private business to accomplish this evening, and it was best that he not be seen. As he made his way rather briskly down the street, he came upon the slave market. A few men (one rather large and wealthy in appearance) were haggling over a rather tender looking (though tussled) young girl who looked to be in her twelfth year. Her black eyes stared at the men timidly, and her unkempt hair did nothing to detract from her overall beauty. She was just one of several slaves, all ages and genders, lined up against one side of the street, all chained together neatly. Andoen shook his head. The Palace had no need for more slaves, nor did his ranks need any more filling. As he squeezed betwee
:iconblue-rose98:Blue-Rose98 0 0
Vampiric Fantasy by Blue-Rose98 Vampiric Fantasy :iconblue-rose98:Blue-Rose98 0 0 Dark Entertainment by Blue-Rose98 Dark Entertainment :iconblue-rose98:Blue-Rose98 1 0 Self-Portrait(Lesser) by Blue-Rose98 Self-Portrait(Lesser) :iconblue-rose98:Blue-Rose98 0 0 Self-Portrait by Blue-Rose98 Self-Portrait :iconblue-rose98:Blue-Rose98 1 0
I feel butchered--
All cut up inside.
Like a blade has passed through my heart
A thousand times.
I feel like one of those paper snowflakes
You craft around Christmas time.
I feel like there are scattered remnants
Littered at my blood-stained feet.
I let it go a million times,
But I still feel the hurt inside.
Oh God, why do I feel so depressed?!
Why am I such a broken mess?!
My life's not so bad; I'm not too ugly.
Everyone seems to think well of me.
I look in the mirror and want to choke.
The tears won't come; I've dried that moat.
I curl up in a ball and stare at paint-chipped walls,
Hide my face in the darkness beneath the covers,
Maybe my demons will not notice me,
Until I must come up to breathe.
I feel so dead and worn and empty.
I crawl to bed. I do nothing.
I am no one, nowhere, no time.
I am sick of living, but I'm too afraid of dying.
I turn the heater up, but I can't shake the cold.
Coughs wrack my body; I feel so old.
The weakness creeps in till my breathing turns shallow.
:iconblue-rose98:Blue-Rose98 0 0
Whispered anxiety
To deaf ears,
To no one in particular.
Silent sighs
To a still void,
To nothing; no one cares.
But inside it's wrenching,
Clawing its way out of me.
I have to let you know
How much I really want you--
How much I really care.
I see silhouettes vaguely dancing in my mind--
Silhouettes of you and I,
In no specific designated time.
I hear your voice, feel your touch;
I can sense you drawing near.
I can see and almost hear.
You're encouraging me onward.
Our children frolic at my feet,
Cling to my legs,
Sing me to sleep.
I hold them so, so close....
I reach out my hands.
I want to catch this image,
I want to capture this moment,
But it dissolves to teasing mist,
Slipping through my fingers.
You are nowhere to be found....
I am desperate.
I am desperately searching
For what I know I cannot find,
A dream within my mind,
An illusion.
I cannot have what I desire,
Yet within me is a fire.
I will claw and grasp and cry.
I want you! I want you....
But you are only an illusion....
:iconblue-rose98:Blue-Rose98 2 0
Depression Says Hello....
I am drowning....
Waves crash over me.
I'm devoid of sanity.
I reach and scramble for any hold,
But I find only loose rocks.
I slip and tumble over a terrible cliff.
I crash into water and sink unceasingly.
I flounder for air--for something to breathe!
I find a void. There is nothing.
I lose all care or concern or despair.
I am nothing. The world is nothing.
Everything is colorlessly progressing meaninglessly.
I am detached....
I let myself be taken wherever the current wills.
I care not for rocks or falls or hills.
I care not for drowning or scraping or bleeding.
I care not for living. I care not for dying.
What is this blank void that is my life?
I'm ruined. I'm finished. I've decided. I'm gone.
I'm not trying anymore.
It ended. I'm leaving. It's over. I'm done.
I am defeated....
I am a pile of unmoving feelings,
Chords of blacks and greys and blues.
They stretch out and lie there, unerringly useless.
I'm not getting anywhere. I'm not caring anyway.
I think I'm done living.
There is
:iconblue-rose98:Blue-Rose98 0 0
Insomnia (Pic) by Blue-Rose98 Insomnia (Pic) :iconblue-rose98:Blue-Rose98 4 0
I recline upon my bed and stare blankly through the night,
Wond'ring how it is to sleep in peace and quiet respite,
Trying to grasp a memory, an ounce of recollection,
Trying to remember my bygone bodily perfection.
My eyes flutter and they shut, like butterfly-whispered beats,
But they do not receive the rest for which I silently entreat.
My eyelids heavy on my being, without even slight relief.
This web of shadows lace my windows--might I count each leaf?
Silent lucidity trecks the track of deathly night
As I worry and I wonder, putting shutters on my sight.
I toss and sweat and dehydrate. Irritated, I contemplate
Each hour of recorded time during which I am awake.
I heave my breath constantly, drowned in my reflections--
And the phlegm and the acid in their nightly inspections.
I watch the placid ruby digits rythemically pass the time.
I watch the shadows dancing upon the cielinged dust and grime.
I watch the steady breathing of my companion at my side.
I zone. I space. I get up and
:iconblue-rose98:Blue-Rose98 0 0
These little shards I gather up
Reflect a shattered me.
And, while I'd rather run away,
I choose to stay and see.
Here, these borne reflections are
Revealing my true being,
And, in these little puppets played,
I find a sense of seeing....
:iconblue-rose98:Blue-Rose98 0 0
Happy 18th, Deviantart! by Blue-Rose98 Happy 18th, Deviantart! :iconblue-rose98:Blue-Rose98 0 1
I do digital art, sketches, poetry, and fictional stories. I'm still locked in the moderate-skill stage, but I'm hoping to get better with time and resources. Advice and comments are welcome! ^~^




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Hi. Call me "Kay-chan" or "Kegan". I may change my name/alias from time to time, but no alarm. If you must, just call me "Kay" or "Blue-Rose". Either will universally suffice. ;)

Anyway, if there is curiosity about it, I am a christian. I am also an american. Due to the tainting of these titles over time, I cannot completely take pride in having either. I am honored to take up the title christian because it means 'little christ', and I long to be like Him, but because of the centuries of injustice and ignorance associated with the title 'christian', I cannot completely embrace the joy of the title. Same for the title 'american'. I appreciate my freedom, but my countrymen and I disagree on many things....I cannot take pride in a country who obsesses over celebrities and gorges on ridiculous amounts of wealth and vanity while half the world starves and suffers. I don't want to be like that, and I cannot take pride in a title that associates me with those things....I'm sorry....

Regardless of my strange ideas and ideals, I am an amateur artist. I do it as a therapy and an entertainment. I simply enjoy it. I do not see myself ever getting as good as my fellow artists here, in visual or literature, but I do so enjoy viewing/reading works of art. ^~^ And socializing with people around the globe. I am grateful for the time others take for me. Please do talk with me! I love to gain new perspectives on all sorts of things. And don't worry about offending me—I have three brothers. Offending me is a tough job at this point. So, if you have questions, comments, or recommendations, go for it! I may need them. :D

Anyway, time is wasting. Don't waste your life on my rambling. Go live it. We only have one....and no telling when that one will end. Best be sure of the important things while there is still time, and live a full life while we can. :)

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