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I would have to say this is my favorite in my color series-thing so far (even with only one more to do) :)

I wanted to give this guy some more distinct fur patterns cause' I was a little bored of doing essentially the same fur pattern each and every time...Which brings me to my next point. All of anthros I draw look virtually the same :(

Oh well, I did this one using watercolore and black gel marker.
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Mar 22, 2009, 6:38:44 PM
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*resists the temptation to add extra wind* >>;;
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definatley one of your better ones. and if you wanna get paast that "all of your anthros looking the same" thing try looking up all kinds of pictures of people who have really different and transfering their different features onto an anthro character. Ex.- stocky build, small pointy nose, broad riged noses, fat, heavy brow line, wide jaws, stuff like that.
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well that was something I said a while ago :B I don't really have that problem anymore. albeit many of the characters I draw still have some similarities in appearance, that's unavoidable :/ and most of the characters I draw are just random generic anthros, so I'm a bit less prone to make them more indentifiable than if they were characters I'd draw with any frequency :/
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yeah, true i guess. i hear you, i try to make different chars sometimes, but i dont all that often have good ones. i cant come up with new concepts that much. i need to get better with my ability to make up a generic anthro, and have it be different every time. i dont wanna end up like one of theese ppl who just draws their same 5 chars all their life.
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Pretty awesome this one! Your style is just so unique! The pose is the strong point here, but also very good outfit, and a unique type of colouring :D
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Blue, by Blue paper.
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wow. Absolutely stunning!
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omgsh!! this is amazing!! i love blue foxes!!!
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Well that's probably because blue is the best color ever!
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yesh!!! it IS the best color ever... no color matches it... nor comes even close.... and just forget about those freaks who think red is the bomb... they are losers...
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Amazing! Insta-:+fav:'d!
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Beautiful, love the color and abstract. =D
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This is cool!! Great work!
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