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PonyKart Character Wallpaper

Just a wallpaper to show the characters I've done so far, so when more characters are done, this submission will be edited in the future.

Twilight - [link]
Applejack - [link]
Rarity - [link]
Fluttershy - [link]
Rainbow Dash - [link]
Pinkie Pie - [link]
Spike - [link]
Big Macintosh - [link]
Celestia - [link]
Luna - [link]
The Cutie Mark Crusaders - [link]
Trixie - [link]
Gilda - [link]
Derpy/Ditzy - [link]

Hope you all enjoy!

*EDIT* latest logo design featured as shown in our third update video

(My Little Pony series belongs to Hasbro)
(Friendship is Magic belongs to :iconfyre-flye: and Studios B)
(PonyKart project can be found at [link])
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Just to let you know, someone stole your art and is selling it on Ebay!
blizzardbearer0617's avatar
*heart attack from pure epicness*
blazah99's avatar
Oh Yeah, its on! Totally speaks "I'm going for the gold, its anyone's game", lol. Great work, love how everyone has scarfs and goggles.
CommanderPaws's avatar
*Replace my Split/Second background with this.*
Muscabua's avatar
I HOPE there will be more of yours.
Yes I saw that Picture of Flim & Flam as Kart Boss Race.
But what I hope for, is these guys being two seperate single Characters drawn by you.
Like you did with Gilda and Trixie. That would make me happy!

Otherwise, awesome Creation!
Kinglorshi's avatar
Will there be mehr characterz? :D
DestinyDecade's avatar
This is very cool. :D
RGB64's avatar
I would love to see boss fights.

Collect 50 coins while avoiding the Cockatrice! (Fluttershy)
Beat Discord in a 7-lap race! (Twilight Sparkle)
Take down Nightmare Moon in a one-on-one battle! (Luna)
SpeedBumpV-Drop's avatar
Also, new Twilight Sparkle Pose.
WOW! If this game will be release for pc, I'll be the first to purchase!
YeaImABrony-GotAProb's avatar
This makes me wanna make a MarioKart mod, and replace the characters with ponies. Derpy'd be the floating cloud thing that lets you know if you were goin the wrong way.
xFlowerstarx's avatar
That would be :iconlakituplz: (Lakitu), the race referee and one of the new racers in Mario Kart 7. Too bad :iconwaluigiplz: has been replaced.
Red-Supernova64's avatar
So this is going to be an actual "Mario Kart" style fan game? I look forward to seeing how that turns out. :) (I'll probably end up maining as Celestia when it comes out. :D )
SilentTitan's avatar
any intentions on making breaburn a character?
TheTracer's avatar
You should totally make a Mare Do Well racer. I know it would be a bit paradoxical, but it would seriously be awesome.
TheEvstar's avatar
I have a ponysona who would feel right at home here! [link] his name is Racer and he is based on my fursona, Racer Rabbit who loves motor racing!
Phillnana's avatar
This is awesome!
william0302's avatar
Which is better? MKW or MK7?
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