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Outdated Memes

Sort of a followup to the last piece I did with Pepper in this style, as it was another random slice-of-life scenario I thought of shortly after making that one. Plus, it felt appropriate to give Pickles some more character this time. : )

(Pepper & Pickles characters property of yours truly)
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Aww X////3 It's okay, Pepper :3 You don't have to keep in touch with the latest memes :)

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Ah yes, the classics.

I knew two of them. Even after having it explained to me I STILL don't get the pylon trapping balls one. XD

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So uhh... is no one gonna talk about that she putted her phone in her boobs?

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She can't exactly wear pants and her sweater doesn't come with pockets, so... gotta improvise somewhere.

It’s nice to see adorable Pepper and her beloved pal Pickles again.

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In the immortal words of The Heavy: "Whoa, the memes!"

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How is it possible for Pepper to be this sweet?!

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God she's so precious!

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So fricking adorable <3

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2006-era memes are the only good memes!

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she's so freaking cute

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"All Your Base Are Belong to Us" and "IMMA FIRIN MAH LAZAH", huh? Glad to see Pepper appreciates the classics!

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Brings me back to my juvenile days.shoop da whoop msn emoticon

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I love this octopus aaaa

PennaKiteWeather's avatar

This is adorable, the mix of expressions and poses!

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