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Little Pogchamp?

Originally just another random idea for Pepper, it came about at the same time as her voice actress's birthday, which was just recently. So I guess this could be a present piece of sorts instead. XD

If the colour scheme looks familiar, it's the same one I used for this old piece. : )

(Pepper the Octo-chef character property of yours truly)
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Oooh what a sweetie UwU
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You've returned!

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Awww! A hug from Pepper would be the sweetest thing ever!

You can say that again
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peps theres no need to tell me twice.

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Beautiful as always!

*hugs Pepper*

*thinks* It feels like I just died and got sent to heaven.

(Well then happy birthday to Pepper’s voice actor, also it looks like a Pogchamp can actually mean a few different things)
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she's cute UwU

I want to be in that sweater

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Always nice to see you drawing the octo-cutie

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positively irresistible! we should all be so lucky to get a hug from such a bonafide pro
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Aww, absolutely precious :) And what a coincidence; on the day I saw this, I happen to be wearing my Pepper T-shirt from Dr Crafty :)

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aaawwww too cute *hugs*

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god I love this octopus

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Super mega adorable pic bud great job pepper is best girl:):):):)

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