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If PonyKart Had All-star Moves - Twilight

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Now heres a concept that I wouldn't mind sharing involving PonyKart;

Sometime last year I think, our group was discussing how to make the item system work before we decided on the individual category pool, One of those ideas involved the characters to have specific abilities that they would obtain from the item barrels when in last place, pretty much identical to how the Sonic & All-stars Racing games did it.

In this case, when Twilight obtains it, she uses a powerful levitation magic to lift her vehicle and blast forward, bypassing racers in her way. She doesn't do damage to opponents, but is invulnerable to items & obstacles. As with all main characters, her all-star equivalent would be the most basic.

Ultimately the concept was dropped quickly in favour of the teleportation spell due to the programming difficulties & glitches it would no doubt create. We didn't try it exactly, but its something we won't be picking up on any time soon.

Though if we were to have a name for the ability (without thinking too much on it), the "Uber-boost" would be a good enough choice.

However, If you want to see what the other character's abilities could have been, favourite, leave a comment below, and I may do more like this. :)

(My Little Pony series belongs to Hasbro)
(Friendship is Magic belongs to :iconfyre-flye: and DHX Media Vancouver)
(PonyKart project can be found at [link]
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that is so cool!!!
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I'd like to see Spike's! I'd imagine he'd get a letter, teleport it with his flame breath, and it's appear in front of a racer, blinding them.
Is PonyKart still a thing? because last I checked, the last news update on the site was from last year. So is it still on, or has PonyKart died?
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Rainbow Dash... Control?... maybe more handling... or would she blow the competition backward?
Fluttershy... maybe a confidence boost... giving her more speed?
Rarity... Kart seeking gems?
Applejack... Cider slip?
Pinkie Pie... Party Blind? causing the screen to be like a party? or trippy?
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Wow. I was listening to Makkon's music, and I was wondering if the PonyKart project was still alive. I'm glad to see that it is! Yay! :)
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Aw yeah! I can totally imagine that!

Rainbow Dash: Sonic Rainboom !
Pinkie Pie: PARTY-CANON !!
Fluttershy: The Stare !
Rarity: Uh...something with gems?
Applejack: Something with...apples? I guess?
g-master-artist's avatar
do all the characters :XD: :p
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Twilight Sparkle has gone All-Star!
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Well, Rainbow Dash's "All-Star Move" would obviously be the Sonic Rainboom, but I am curious to see what the others moves would be like.
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Dude that be so awesome!
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woah woah woah, awesome! 'smash' abilities for pony karts would be awesome! to bad the concept wasn't able to pull through.... but it would be awesome to see what the ideas were for all the other racers as well.

I hope the game is still at least slowly being worked on. can't wait to see more.
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Such an epically crafted piece! I love the way that you made this incredibly unique and used your amazing style to your advantage! The character design and movement truly brings this piece to life! The color work is vivacious and brilliant! The idea is so well thought out and the concept is truly epic! I cannot wait to see what you come out with next! Great work as always! Kind regards, Princess Luna
this would seem legit if it was going by sonic & sega all-stars.

Keep up the good work :D
kwark85's avatar
I hope Twilicorn will stay out of this game!

There's enough Twilicorn already.
FacilierFan93's avatar
What do you have against Twilicorn? It's just Twilight with wings, nothing more
BronyVideoGamer's avatar
The dude's a lost cause. He just hates Twilight with wings, period, because he never learned that Twilight gaining wings would not change her personality.
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I really hope this game doesn't get the same treatment that Fighting is Magic did.... :no:
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Actually in their page its said that Lauren Faust joined the FIM crew, to help them make the game, but it'll have other characters.
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Well it's not the same as Fighting as Magic, they just used it as a basis for this new game. Fighting is Magic is dead pretty much because of our very corrupt and overbroad American law system. :no:
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The fans will find way to mod this new fighting game that is being worked on. The Skullgirls engine seems to be mod friendly.

There is another group of bronies who are making their own version using the old FM2 engine used for FIM.

In other words, "Suck it Hasbro!"
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Yeah, so I heard. So there is actually an underground group of fans who are trying to still make the game?
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Nice! I like it! I hope Ponykart is going smoothly.
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