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Crafty Works - Lab Stained Glass Window (updated)

*Originally completed in July 2020*

Illustrated staff commission for :icondrcrafty: for his Youtube series "Dr Crafty", which you can find and watch on his channel by clicking here.

A bit of a different one this time, as it's more of an update than any real significant piece. As the name implies; this is an updated version of the stained glass window that appears in the laboratory of Crafty's not-so-secret lair. It appears during the later half of season 4, and includes not only Crystelle and Stylene, but also Sasha and Disgustilda.

Hopefully this one sticks around for a good long while. I can only imagine adding more characters will make it look crowded from a distance. Sweating a little...
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Looks beautiful :)I love the arabesque with the chemistry flasks (Someone may have to correct me as to what they actually are called) as the border :) And the inclusion of Sasha and Disgustilda is a nice touch also :)

big monster girl is a big yes from me

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The details on this is so amazing. :D

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I remember when I first got a peek at this window I thought Sasha was supposed to be Mindstein. In my defense I was watching on my cell so the picture was really small.