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  • Listening to: Smash Ultimate music arrangements
  • Reading: my writing
  • Watching: trailers for movies I've yet to see
EDIT: 07/10/2019

    Holy Moly talk about a busy bundle of months. Haven't been able to post anything worthwhile in a pretty long time, but hopefully that'll change once August rolls around. For the time being, if the title change hasn't made it obvious, I come bearing info that should explain where I've been, and what I have in store for this year:

  • Firstly, commissions will unfortunately be closed for a while longer, as I still need to update my commission chart with new prices. Believe me when I say that I do want to start making them again now with the newfound knowledge I've gained this year so far, as I can tell that a few of you want me to get back into doing so. It'll just be a bit of a wait once I get things reorganized.

    However, I recently received word that PayPal has been going through some controversial changes as of late, which kinda leaves me concerned with using it's system at the moment. Though hopefully it'll backfire and revert like many sites do with questionable changes they make.

  • One of the biggest reasons for my absence is due to preparing for my very first artist table! Indeed, this year I'll be attending ConBravo within the artist ally, selling physical poster prints and art pins/buttons for the first time! The following preview should give you guys a rather good idea on what kind of fan-art I've been keeping under wraps, just for the occasion.

    Conbravo2019 Art Table Preview by Blue-Paint-Sea

  • On the side of personal projects, I've also got a couple of big video editing ones that are currently in the works. One of which is a DrCrafty one-shot motion comic (somewhat in the style of the episode intros I was commissioned to put together for the series) featuring Pepper and Nurse Worse, and the other being a Fan-made Palutena's Guidance video project involving Banjo & Kazooie.


    - First fully-western fighter in Smash Bros. history
    - Acknowledgement of a Rare shared-universe reunion with the Donkey Kong franchise
    - Further proof of the solidified partnership between Nintendo and Microsoft
    - Emphasizing / Representing the sorely overlooked N64 era within Smash Bros.
    - The potential of future Banjo-Kazooie material post Sega All-Stars Racing (remasters and/or remakes / sequels / other guest appearances)

    Seriously folks, while the Dragon Quest heroes should be considered just as huge of a deal, due to their franchise basically being the founder of JRPGs the world over, Banjo and Kazooie's inclusion in Smash Ultimate is pretty monumental for console gaming as a whole. Cloud may have broken fan expectations in Smash WiiU/3DS, and even more recently with Joker from off of Persona 5, but B-K practically slipped by and shattered those expectations from the other side! (considering how it was apparently an easy feat for Banjo to be included nowadays according to Sakurai himself)

    I can only hope now that the hype for Rare's dynamic duo being in Smash will last long after they become playable in the Fall. We've waited nearly two decades for an event like this to happen, and I refuse to to see it become old news anytime soon.

    palutena's guidance what-if B-K thumbnail by Blue-Paint-Sea

    For those that want to see a preview of my Palutena's Guidance What-if project, see it here on Twitter.

  • Next, I've finally opened both a Ko-fi and a Patreon page back in April, as it seems to be the method all the cool kids use nowadays when it comes to doing art that pays besides regular commissions. However, both of my pages are still pretty bare currently, as I have to take the time to fully grasp the concept they offer, so those will also be updated at a later date.

    Some Time at the Ko-fi Shop by Blue-Paint-Sea

  • Outside the internet is where I've been occupied the most though, as I got myself a second job earlier this year as a graphic artist. Basically a part-time position that actually relates to what I went to school for! Definitely worthwhile considering where I live, but it does mean more driving alongside my current other job.

  • With all that said though, the other big reason I've been away is due to things being a bit difficult the past couple months in regards to family matters, truth be told. Without getting into personal detail; My Mother has been going through an extremely tough time in regards to health conditions, casting a cloud of anxiety and worry over me and my family these past few months. So far I've been trying desperately not to fall into depressive procrastination traps and just focus on priorities, despite the difficulty. Gotta think positively and keep on trucking I suppose.

In the end, it looks like I'll be able to continue using this piece as well XD Hopefully the content I'll be posting in the months to come will be worth the wait for most of you!
da_page_2019_update_notice by Blue-Paint-Sea


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SpacegamerHD Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2019
When will you return? Would love to get a commission done! :)
ChrisTAuraWarrior Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2019  Student Filmographer
Love your art keep on going
Bengtzone Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2019
Hello there!
Two-Ton-Neko Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2019
Pepper is just so adorable. Here's to your renovating your gallery!
BulbaFriend Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2018  Student Traditional Artist
How do you feel about Smash and Banjo?
NinjaKID12345 Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2018
It's fine, can you please kept drawing pepper? she's so cute, and can I be in one of them?
KyleBrackman Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2018
Your artwork is amazing.
Blue-Paint-Sea Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Glad you like what I do!
Thanks for watching as well! :D
KyleBrackman Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2018
You're welcome and I wish I could become a great artist like you.
KambalPinoy Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2018  Hobbyist Photographer
Hi I noticed your poster you and the guys made:

Fiona Frightening Commission Poster (no text) by Blue-Paint-Sea

I'm curious about this Fiona Frightening did you and the guys really made this game? What is it about?
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