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This image reminds me of all of the old inspirational photos from the 1970s where long exposure times for cameras turned running water ...

This image hit my primordial nerve. I feel like I'm viewing a modern depiction of what Earth must have been like millions and millions ...

I love good scifi art. This website used to be full of such pieces, but they're becoming rarer and rarer. It's refreshing to see someth...

by Mimek

Florida. But to me this could ancient Vietnam or prehistoric plains of central America. It's one of those pictures that captures a mome...


There has been an effort by the military intelligence community to engage me in sexual relations with prostitutes.  This effort is backed by my biological mother Farrah Pahlavi, and I will file a complaint if it happens one more time.

Additionally, I reported the phone number used on 800notes, and apparently now my postings need moderation.

I have sent a formal complaint to a federal inspector general's office, and intend to file more.  I will include all names of people in some kind of effort to get me to establish a family or familial relations here in the US.  Probably as a strategic move.

I denounce it, I denounce anyone who is involved, and will see justice for deliberate interference in my life on the most intimate level.

The local PD knows about it, Kamela Harris's office knows about it, and the feds know about it.

You will suffer the consequences for your actions on my person.
This person just quit a 4v4 Age of Empires 2 game;…

The reason this is significant is because I've had an inordinate amount of intentional trolling of my online, and specifically gaming, activity.  

Initially it was UC Berkeley and possibly Stanford or some other student body in the psychiatric program contracted by my family.  I am more and more convinced that it is a combination of law enforcement and my family.

I vow now to drag the name of anyone who harasses me online or in real life, through the media.  Whether it's the fucking Mexican parked in the drivethru at the local Taco Bell, the piece of shit player whose profile I just posted, or that fucking Indian bitch.

I am going to make your real names and addresses known to the public, and you can explain not to a judge, not to me, but to the world public why you continued to harass me to no end.

This includes levelling a lawsuit against Farrah Pahlavi and all of her offspring or distant relations.  

You fucking bitch, how dare you screw with my life.

Like wise to elements within the US Navy and US Army who tried to use psychiatry on me prior to 2005, and more specifically from the 60 up to 2000.

And that includes participation of local law enforcement upon the instruction of any so called doctor.
There is or was a female Indian psychiatrist who went through my personal things at the request of my biological mother and family en large, and saw my "mother's" (fake mother) wine collection stashed in my old closet.  From that it was assumed that I had a drinking problem.

This person also saw the numerous books on psychology and psychiatry on the book shelves, and again assumed I had read them.  They were in fact my fake parents' books.  I was then, over a course of fourteen years, fucking tortured by being tracked and exposed to staged symptoms for a variety of mental disorders.  The idea was to anger me and fulfill some kind of twisted sexual fantasy such that I would fly into the warms of a women I loved.  The real effect was quite the reverse as I nearly blew my head off with my fake father's revolver.  An item I turned into the Foster City Police.

There was also an assumption that I knew my true parentage.  I did not.  But, as such, as per my previous log entry which I took down, I was exposed to a film, with intent, entitled "The Magnificent Ambersons", which tells the story about a young boy named George who is treated like a prince, and how ultimately he was forced to confront all the things he had done as a "spoiled brat".  The intent here is that I would identify with this person by watching this film, and somehow come to regret and agree with this character's actions and ultimate realization of what a brat he was.   Quite the reverse, if I discover who this individual is that set up this scenario, your fate is sealed.\

I was exposed to criminal elements by way of my fake mother's occupation as a special investigator.  I was used as bait for law enforcement, and when drugs, alcohol, pre-teen and teenage sexual activity were all the rage, I stayed home to watch my favorite TV shows and play games.

And apparently someone tried to steer me down a path of film making, a career path I did not want in the first place.

And apparently foreign nationals tried to steer my personality down a certain path thinking it would make me more amenable to whatever plans they had.

I think I understand the entire scheme of my life here in the United States, and I do believe it to have been a criminal scheme hatched from the Middle East.  I now know how to compose an official complaint to all Federal and State Agencies.

And woe to the Indian psychiatrist who put me through hell over the last 13 years, because your ass is mine.  I will haul you up before the authorities, and roast you in front of the public eye.

p.s. you dumb fuck, when someone says to you in anger or passion; "I'd like to you see you try." they're telling you DON'T DO IT.  You fucking asshole.
Fuck it.  I'm going to go through normal channels to bring this entire bullshit scheme to an end.
To me Deviant art is about finding out people's sexual fetishes, and is not a real art website.  I should close my account.



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