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This image reminds me of all of the old inspirational photos from the 1970s where long exposure times for cameras turned running water ...

This image hit my primordial nerve. I feel like I'm viewing a modern depiction of what Earth must have been like millions and millions ...

I love good scifi art. This website used to be full of such pieces, but they're becoming rarer and rarer. It's refreshing to see someth...

by Mimek

Florida. But to me this could ancient Vietnam or prehistoric plains of central America. It's one of those pictures that captures a mome...


So it not longer a single prostitute at Cost Plus, but a host of them at Bed Bath and Beyond.

I want you to imagine you were harassed on the road, deliberately, by a combination of law enforcement and private security hired or contracted by law enforcement.

I want you to imagine someone thinks you were molested, but you weren't.

I want you to imagine that you were convinced that your parents were truly in love with one another, but they turned out to be operatives of the United States Army and the Iranian Republic's SAVAK.

I want you to imagine that you were harassed at all the meetups you went to in order to follow through with a general desire to get out and mingle, and perhaps follow your piece of shit former therapists advice to do the same.

I want you to imagine that you put your fake father's revolver to your head because someone thought your sexual urges were stirred by getting angry, and you couldn't take it anymore.

I want you to imagine that you were going to hang yourself because you were harassed under the same guidance.

I want you to imagine that Stanford and Berkeley universities both had their hand in it.

What do you think would be the result?
It's just occurred to me over the last few hours that there was a severe effort by law enforcement to get me off of gaming in order to get me to hook up with a female.  I think the theory was that because I wasn't domesticated, so to speak, that I was losing my temper on the road. 

To this end a game not residing in California, who has a law enforcement background, may have been part of the effort to drive me away from games so that I could pursue romantic interests.  Again, I was experiencing rage episodes for no known reason to me.  Episodes which are now gone.  I don't know who to honestly blame, but I have a draft of a formal complaint for the Pentagon's ISG.

And again, what's amazing to me now is that all of that rage stuff is gone.  I can't remember the last time I punched a hole through a sheet of sheetrock.  Honestly, that's never happened here in my new home.

I'm not going to mention his name, nor any other suspicions I have about him, but it may be that I was guided to his creation years back during my grade school days down at Games and Things in the Stanford Shopping Center.  Given Stanford Universities role in my upbringing and I suspect "rehabilitation", that seems a likely scenario.

Oh well.  For all that I'm still a scifi fan, and will not let this darken my fandom of the genre.  As for writing for anyone, I'm too angry.  Once I send off my complaint, I may post more here.
So over the last week I've had two Star Wars' dreams in as many weeks, only I'm not a Star Wars fan, and it is my suspicion that the Pahlavi family, in an attempt to satiate some kind of fantasy of mine have essentially "sold me" to the Disney Corporation, and their psychiatrist has been fucking with me in my sleep, as per my previous entries regarding Doctor Ross, Doctor White and psychiatry as a whole (and I'll toss in Sean Sturgeon in there as well as Bill Cosby).

My Lucasfilm story; way back in 1989 or 1988 I was working at San Francisco Studios at 7th and Harrison across the street from the San Francisco Hall of Justice, which is also SFPD's HQ.  It was a shoot for Sun Micro, and just happened to be a Star Trek parody where Kevin Pollack was cast as Captain Kirk doing his William Shatner imitation.

What was I doing there?  I was an intern serving as a production assistant.  At the time I had chosen film as a career because I couldn't get myself to perform in math and science, my first true loves.  I did not like the film industry.  I liked science.  I liked engineering, and did not like the self important egos that went along with the film industry, the film industry at that time being a child of the propaganda used in Nazi Germany.

What do I mean by a child of Nazi Germany?  There is a belief that film has a great deal of power to influence the behavior of people, and that films used in Germany during the 30s and 40s helped foster antisemitism and the genocide that happened there.  Often you'll hear victims or their families (descendants, children and what not) cry "Never again!" referring to the effort to avoid another holocaust.  Ergo the film industry is a tightly locked up and has a strong law enforcement component to it in terms of screenwriting and displaying and telling criminal plots as story devices.  The idea here is that revealing and exposing the public to subversive plots against the law will help us, again the movie going public, spot that kind of behavior, and that we'll be educated and better people for it.

Well, I think if you look at crime statistics that there's little correlation between people's media exposure and how many people are in jail or otherwise caught and arrested, and that the fear of what used to be a largely Jewish dominated industry is, in fact, paranoia left over from the revealing of what happened in the holocaust.  Further, that there is a cadre of individuals, I'm guessing mostly Jewish, who still think that film has a kind of power to influence people's thinking to the point of committing criminal acts.

Again, that's not really the case.  Films can inspire, but you only commit criminal acts if you're so inclined in the first place; i.e. willing to break the law or moral convention.

Ergo the film industry, at one time, was very difficult to get into because of this fear, and ergo there was a sheen of scoff-lawing and freebooting of film industry people who freely did drugs and engaged in sex, flaunting both law and traditional  social convention established by the English settlers and descendants thereof.  So when Spielberg has his cocaine problem and doesn't get arrested for it (cocaine being one of the primary currencies for organized crime, and a commodity that has seen countless deaths and tortures to get it delivered to market illegally) or when it's revealed that Dustin Hoffman or Warren Beatty have problems controlling their sexual urges, but again don't get the law coming down on them for harassment, you're seeing a social sect that thinks it knows what's better for you in terms of media than what you yourself can judge, and is flaunting the law of this nation which you and I obey.  And, further, unlike the inner city black kid who'll have the book thrown at them, they'll get away with it.

That's the film industry.  I did not like it.  I still don't.  But at the time I had enough gumption and just sheer will to put up with the drug use and casual sexual liaisons to in order to further my dreams of turning this game, , into another Star Trek or Star Wars.

Getting back to the Sun Micro industrial from the late 80s; I worked with a CHP officer who was disguised as an intern, who was in fact investigating me for Road Rage.  A moosed or gelled crew cut, I didn't know who he was at the time, but in retrospect I do now.  His cover story was that he was one of the owner's sons.  Well, Roberta Riley owned the studio outright.  There were no outside investors, and in retrospect, she may have been part of the nation's security apparatus (NSA or CIA, though that's pure guesswork on my end, and no, it's not delusional, and quite frankly I don't give a shit whether you believe that or not).  I was also working with a soundman who had ties to Lucasfillm up in Marin County.  

The sound guy and I got to talking (of all people he actually laughed at several takes because mister Pollack was ad libbing some of the script), and he sheepishly, hesitantly, guardedly and otherwise unwillingly, took out a paper and pencil and wrote down a phone number for me to call.  I can't remember the person's name he wrote down, some male supervisor, but the soundman (who was taller than me, had a pony tail, and thinning light brown hair with a full beard and moustache) told me to call him to see if he had any jobs or for an interview or some such.

I was a nervous wreck.  Work for the Star Wars' creator George Lucas himself?  Wow.  At that time he was an idol of mine, and if I could work on Star Wars, which I really liked (though I was not a big fan), then I could take whatever skill I learned from the experience and apply it to turning Traveller the Role Playing Game into a proof of concept trailer, and pitch it to both Marc Miller and some studio head.

That was the dream.

As of a half hour ago when I first started writing the journal entry, I am now diametrically opposed to every working for Disney for the reasons mentioned in the opening paragraph.  This will no doubt be used against me in a court of law, but I've got evidence to the contrary now.

Further, the reason I won't work for Disney is that because if I do, then I'll be forced to sign away my creativity; i.e. if I write novels, then Disney won't allow me to write them anymore for fear that I got a story idea from someone on their lot (assuming I wrote for them), meaning any story idea or creativity I generate myself, they would own as I would be their employee. 

And the fact that I've had yet another Star Wars' dream, says to me, that there's psychiatry operating on behalf of Disney.

Going back in time some it's my belief that Mohammed Reza Pahlavi and Farah Pahlavi, my biological parents, set this up.  I had lots of Disney showered on me in terms of media.  From a trip to Disneyland where Alejandra was allowed to drive me around in one of the old fashioned cars to, mandatory viewing of the Wonderful World of Disney on Sunday evenings, to multiple story book records and whatever else.

Up until this point I had nothing against Disney.  They make good products (mostly), and in spite of mister Walter Disney being an asshole on occasion, he seems to have been a pretty decent guy for the most part.

But, I've had a life time of psychiatry, including that fucking asshole Bill Cosby and the United States Navy (army too) fucking with me.  And anyone who uses such tactics can fucking go to hell.  That includes the Disney corporation.  

On Star Wars.  I saw the latest Star Wars film.  I thought it was one of the longest and worse films I had ever seen.  Lots of production values, but it looked like it was written and shot by film students who had done a lot of drugs that had essentially destroyed their creativity, and therefore they took one of the previous stories, The Empire Strikes Back in this case, shuffled the scenes, and retrofitted their own Australian female character into the Luke Skywalker role.  That, and they turned the hero of the previous movies into a burn out case.  

In short, it's a slop artist job, and I hope Disney looses its shirt by letting fucked up film makers destroy what once was a treasured American media icon.

But again, I'm not a Star Wars fan.  And to cap that concept off, here's why.  Star Wars is yet another anti-Nazi movie.  The soldiers for the "evil Galactic Empire" are called "stormtroopers".  Only one geopolitical entity ever had such soldiers, and that was Nazi Germany.  The uniforms worn by the Imperial officers are pattered after both Nazi military uniforms as well as Mussolini's fascist uniforms.  Whether George Lucas himself came up with that concept or felt that he needed to use Nazis as the bad guys, I can't say, and I don't give a shit either way.

However, it is my contention that the way to fight things like fascism is to tout American ideal, or those developed through philosophies of Locke, Hobbes, and the writings of the founders for the United States; i.e. Jefferson, Franklin, even Adams.  As such, in my book, the perpetual making of films about the second world war the allied victory there, strikes me as a faux patriotism, and probably is fueled more by self preservation by victims of the holocaust and their families, than any belief in what Jefferson penned back when this nation was being founded.

Star Wars, the first three films from 77 to the early 80s, are remarkable pieces of cinema history.  But, again, to me it strikes me more as anti-fascist oriented dressed up as an adventure film, than anything having to do with freedom, liberty, etcetera.  Further, in the Star Wars "universe" things that Yoda says "anger, fear, aggression" are the dark side, meaning wrong emotions, or bad emotions.  Well, in my book, anger, fear and aggression have perpetuated the species.  Anger motivates you to seek justice or show a rival or enemy how good you are, and keeps you fighting back.  Fear keeps you from drowning, walking out in the middle of the street and getting hit by a car.  Aggression helps you win that game or that girl that you got your eye on.  They are not "dark" emotions, nor are they bad.  One might argue that the whole Star Wars' experience is in fact and form a giant exercise in psychiatry.  Given George Lucas' statement about how in years to come that it would be a helpful lesson (i.e. now) it would not surprise me if our current political situation where in essence a giant psychiatric scheme for the nation.  But that last part is pure speculation …. thought I'm sure it's true.

So, I will not work for Disney, and I'm glad I never worked on a Star Wars' film.

I think I should also add that my residence up here in Marin County, I'm guessing, may have been in part due to George Lucas.  More delusional thoughts you say?  Eh, given the enormous amount of money put into my person it wouldn't surprise me if it were true.

Someone from 2011 or 2012 up to 2015 put me through a series of theatrically staged "symptoms" thinking that that was what I wanted during my little psychotic act when I still lived down in Foster City.  That person drove me to the verse of suicide more than once.  I won't go further than that.

I no longer want to go into film.  I still want to keep writing fiction, but find myself obsessed with A) stopping psychiatry, B) getting justice, and C) exposing what I went through.  

Typically one of the tactics and strategies for these kinds of psychiatric schemes is that the woman you loved or some object of affection is behind it.  Well, my road rage and episodes of rage are pretty much gone, and the continued use of psychiatry on my person is criminal, malicious, and sadistic.

Further, if by some chance I am forced to work for ANY movie studio, I will create havoc out of sheer spite.

In short, knock it off, because you will pay a heavy price.
The Pahlavi family does not like me gaming.  Probably more specifically Farah Pahlavi, my biological mother, does not want me gaming.  Probably because she sees it as a waste of time, unproductive to that end, has origins in Dungeons and Dragons which, she being a Catholic, believes has demonic or satanic connections and therefore very much anti-religion and anti-god, not to mention the concept that she probably believes that it was the whole reason for my lack of academic success in high school.

As per my previous journal entries my rage episodes both at home and on the road, my inability to remember my homework assignments, periods of aggression, and a few other behavioral traits as well as unusual muscular development, are all classic symptoms of steroid abuse.  Either I was getting steroids through milk, of which I drank a great deal, or someone was slipping them into my food.  But, either way, that and the depression I was forced to go through, were the culprits for my near failure in high school.  An academic failure that appeared to vanish once I entered University, though persisted some when I was attending the local junior college, the College of San Mateo.

However, as of the last two gaming conventions I attended, specifically Kulbacon at the Hyatt in Burlingame and Dundracon across the bay (I did not attend Dundracon this year), someone still does not want me to game.

I have since lost interest in nearly everything.  Given that I've been under surveillance in one form or another for my entire life.  More recently by the local Foster City police for both road rage and possibly for the harassment I experienced on the road, which may or may not have been from local law enforcement, but only ended the year before last with a Marin County sheriff's car following me off the northbound 101 San Anselmo exit, ironically enough, after I was coming back from Kublacon.

I do not want to write for games as a career.  I wanted to write for games on the side as I re-entered the local video industry.  But I have lost the drive to do so because of the persistent "overwatch" by both the Pahlavi family and elements within either/or local law enforcement and the military/security at the request of the Pahlavi family.

Ergo all I do now is play games on the computer as I try and get myself motivated enough to finish off a module I promised to a fellow Traveller gamer.

I first started serious gaming when Ray Deveaux bought me Star Smuggler for my birthday way back in 1980 or thereabouts.  I had actually been toying with Star Fleet Battles since 1978 or 1979, a complex Star Trek combat simulator created by a game designer down in Texas.  Two friends taught me how to play it properly.

There are no devils, demons, angels, gods, demigods, or any supernatural elements within either game.  However, reflecting on my life, it is my opinion that Farah Pahlavi has been attempting to steer me off of games once and for all, and to settle down with a proper "high profile" job as she sees fit, and to start a family.

Well, kind of the whole reason, for the umpteenth fucking time, that I rejoined the workforce was so that I could develop enough cash to pay for training, graduate into the film industry (locally, not down in Los Angeles), and write on the side for games--not write as a primary career.

However, more psychiatry and psychology has the Pahlavi family trying to get me to realize that games are a dead end, and to embrace either the cause of the Iranian people or otherwise settle down into what they perceive as a normal life.

One of the other reasons I stuck with games for much of my life is that I knew that at some time traditional RPGs and Warsims would migrate in a very spectacular "Hollywood"-like way to computers.  That is to say that the media of films would be embraced and surpassed by games coded to operate on computers, and that people could experience adventures by way of visual interaction.  I was unsure about the progress of computer technology, in spite of being in the middle of it, because graphics seemed to progressing at a snail's pace.  Forcing me to conclude that really good (near photo-realistic) graphics may be many decades, perhaps a century, off,  but that even so, games would evolve.

Computer games now eclipse movies as the number one entertainment venue.  Table top games are now mainstream, and D&D is bigger now than ever before in spite of being plagued by a couple of incidents of troubled kids killing people in the real world to act out on their D&D fantasies.

Ah, but the rhetoric that D&D somehow teaches people to cast spells and otherwise commune with demons, devils and whatever else, is still thriving in either Farah's Pahlavi's imagination, or the Pahlavi family as a whole.

All I can do is shrug my shoulders at it.  However, I have very rarely been able to enjoy games as I wanted.  I have been for decades inundated harassment and other cues designed to steer me away from them for the aforementioned reasons.

Writing is a lot of work.  It takes concentration, inspiration, and a good deal of just plain hard work to sit at a keyboard and constantly conjure up story material, and get your fingers to pound on the keyboard so that the rest of the world can enjoy the tales that you have brewing in your head.

In fact, sometimes when writing your best material, it is absolutely NO FUN writing because of the stress and strain it puts on your mind and body.  I did not want to be a writer for a career.  But, quite literally, it is now the only thing left to me.

As per my previous journal entries, suicide may be my only way out of this, but I want to live.  I now know who did what to me, why and all the other misery and sheer torture that I endured my entire life, including been subject to massive amounts of psychiatry by the Pahlavi family, is now explained.

This includes all of the experiences I've had trying to enjoy games.  This includes the last Car Wars' game I had at Kublacon in Burlingame.

I don't know what's going to happen to me in the future.  But here's what I think is likely;

1) I will never be able to game like I wanted to with any normal gamers.
2) I will not write for games because I am simply burnt out on all the fucking bullshit I was forced to go through my entire life.
3) typically item two is a pretext for getting "schizophrenics" to settle down with a woman and to start a family (a notorious police tactic)
4) that I will never be re-united with the Pahlavi family, much less receive any compensation for what they put me through
5) there will be a continued active effort to deny me laboratory analysis of my DNA to prove my point
6) as per my response to someone who posted a YouTube link to a news piece of Kissinger, that I will be continually subject to psychiatric harassment "until I break"
7) that eventually everything is going to come out, probably after I die, that I was telling the truth, but that so many years will have passed on that it won't matter at that point.
8) that I will continually be treated like a potentially dangerous schizophrenic for the rest of my life, which will enable to me to level a lawsuit against everyone involved, this includes the Foster City Police Department, personnel with the United States Navy, the United States Army, as well as potentially the Central Intelligence Agency.
9) that said justice that I seek will be impossible for me to obtain due to the unique status of my situation.

All of this relates to games because I'll never be able to join a normal gaming group that has not been informed of my alleged mental state and/or condition.  

If things go right, or if I am lucky, then there may be a high profile senate or congressional hearing.  Though more like my complaint and attempt to get the word out of what I went through, will be tossed back to local law enforcement in Marin County, as well as any mental health services.  And, further, that I will be forced to undergo involuntary treatment.

And that's where things are at this moment.  Any complaint I file will be dismissed with extreme prejudice, but I do have my biochemistry, and any lab worth its salt will be able to take my tissue or body fluid samples, and confirm that my ancestry is Indian, French and Iranian (Persian), and to be honest, I wish it weren't.
A few months back I emailed the interior administrator for Australia, and told her and her office that, in my opinion, I was harassed by a party cooperating with local law enforcement here in the United States.

Said harassment pushed me to the edge of suicide on three separate occasions.

I received a reply from the Australian Government's Department of Home Affairs.

This tells me that the US Department of Justice knows who these people are, as well as the United States Secret Service, and now the equivalent of those two departments within the Australian Government.

There was a bald sack of shit who wore plaid shirts that used to come into the store where I worked, Walgreens in San Mateo off 3rd avenue.  This asshole kept aggressively trying to get to know me, and used the most unforgiveable, asinine, and illegal tactics of using my own personal thoughts (forced from me by drugs and me talking in my sleep) to put me through a regime reserved for the most severe of mentally ill patients.

He probably did this because either one of my brothers or biological mother told him and his group that this is what I wanted.

It wasn't.

It never was.

If I see him again...

At Dundracon 2017 I was put through a schizophrenic regime as I did a miniatures game with some little piece of shit boy sitting next to me playing with the game figures.  

At another convention last year I was placed with three little girls on my team.

The significance of this is that this is part of a "schizophrenic rehab/harassment" tactic.  The concept being that my unruly temper and unbridled rage stemmed from a lack of domestication, and that the hints dropped are that I should settle down and get married and have kids.


If I come across this again this year this weekend, I will call upon the Burlingame PD and file a full report with the US Department of Justice, with the players' and convention officials' names as witnesses, and subject of a law suit.

And again, I would like to thanks that arrogant sack of shit Cosby for helicopter parenting me from a distance thinking this was a game, and being party to the efforts that nearly saw me blow my head off and hang myself.

I can guarantee you that's not going to happen again.  

If I detect anything remotely of what I've described this year, I will consider it a potential self defense situation.

I mean, am I not the son of the former shah of Iran?  Where the fuck do you people get off doing this?

Needless to say said party from Australia, a private party that is religious in nature and touts itself as a psychiatric hospital, will be arrested and prosecuted this year if I'm fucked with one more time.



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