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Sing Me a Love Song
Kiss the clouds and sing me a love song
Where happily ever after is possible and true.
Seasons have clambered and scrambled across
The rolling plains of my life and
The marathon towards death still careens at a quickening pace.
Mountains familiar and conquered stare me down to an ant’s height
And creepy crawlies march and stalk my terrified tread.
On the battered path in holey sneakers,
My trailing scarf drags in the crud of the forest’s squishy and soaked floor
And the dire question is to leave it behind with the past
or relax in the trappings of doubts and failures and fears.
The story of love is a foreign caress upon my ears but
my heart is too accustomed to the evil brushes of that death and
the surest and safest road is to roam and rage against hateful melodies.
The battle between my nervous system and my bloodiest organ
sizzles and pumps artillery against each other to save my hopes, goals, dreams, and life.
Shut me down and leave me to the scavengers—
I cannot
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Is it all well?
Well, it’s all good, isn’t it?
The lights, the food, the dripping wax,
And the silver dishes,
The creak in the floorboards,
The sparkling wine and the clink of crystal—
But, is it good?
One shake, one shout, one blast of the music
And the walls shatter like glass
And explode like Hell’s fire.
There is no ceremony or ritual or etiquette
For saving lives, for telling the news,
The oh so important news of their rottenness
And corruption and plastic faces and fake personas
And excellent acting.
We, the alive, the aware, the always noticing few,
Scream and cry with our megaphones
And home-made signs, preaching unto our dying day
To be unique and yourself and special and reach
And fly towards your dreams like it’s a fairytale,
You’ve rode the knight in shining armor just to make the point
That he’s not real and a moldy piece of humanity
Needing to be tossed in the bin—
No more recycling.
Well, it’s not all good, isn’t it?
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Jazz Lover
Let's sway to the music,
to the lights,
to the patter of the rain.
The saxophone’s voice is syrupy
and enticing my hips
to show off its curves and beauty—
dance with me
for I’ve yet to fall in love
with love such as yours
and waltz any waltz
with my man, my hero,
my darling of darlings.
Charm me into love with
sweet kisses and tender looks,
paint the romance through the air,
over the walls, out the glass doors,
and across the sky,
grant me the moon and the stars,
and above all,
teach me to fall in love
for I know not how.
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Graduating Friendship
My friends have graduated from my care
And have grown up while others I’ve had to let go
And now I have no one to look after,
No one to care for.
So who will I take care of now?
How do I care of myself?
Who will take care of me?
For I no longer know how to care of myself
For I have no one to take care of—
So who will take care of me?
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Interrupted Darkness
When the night is in
the ground’s reflection,
the rain interrupts
the images,
flatters the tiny, the shiny,
the beams of light, and
deepens the abysses
in between.
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Everything Has Fallen
Just when I didn’t expect
A prayer to be answered
Or grace bestowed on a wretch
Like me—that’s when it happened
And that’s when everything
Fell to the ground
Instead of shattering
The sky fell into place at my feet
And became my ground
So I began to walk on air
And up the stairs towards
Heaven’s sky.
He set me free
Prayers and dreams and wishes,
Hope and grace and love
Washed over me,
Doubling me over as the flood
Overwhelmed my senses
And tears of joy and love
Fell down my face and became one
With the flood pouring from Heaven’s gates.
For He loves me
And this is how He loves
And this is how He gives
And this is how He saves
This is how He forgives.
He is the Lord.
Everything has fallen at my feet
Only to be fixed by Him
And its perfection
Is purer than gold,
Sharper than diamonds,
Stronger than force of gravity,
He is everything.
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rattling my head
making me
shaking me
forcing me
to see;
as i saw,
i shut down
my emotions,
only a low
ebb of emotional
responses remained
and therefore i
became bored;
i shut myself down
so i could not
really, truly respond;
all was an echo;
did i not want to
see? was i
protecting myself?
if i begin to
think about it,
the book, the people,
the events, i
want to cry
and i feel
i feel anger
and i want to cry;
then i stop.
if i go too
far in thinking,
i’ll break;
then the shut
down begins.
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Radio Prologue
If only I kept the radio on,
nothing would’ve happened
no one would’ve died
and no one would’ve lived.
But I’m glad I turned it off.
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Question Shakespeare
Shakespeare . . .
though you may repulse and muddle my mind,
somehow, you look different in this light.
What has made you change so?
Proper illumination?
Or the cutting away of my partiality against you
to the warm biasness of your favor
through exposure to the yellow orb of light?
What have you done to me,
to alter my once steadied mind
to the doubt and question of your art?
Your form once hideous has soften,
become familiar . . .
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Unmarked Graves
In times like these,
there is no time
to mark the graves
of loved ones;
there is only time to
and somehow
War is now
our everyday lives,
war is now
the only thing we breathe,
war is now
contaminating our thoughts,
war is now
destroying us all.
We have become animals
in this desperate fight
and as our dead pile high
we rush
to keep ourselves
just a bit longer
so that maybe,
just maybe,
we can finally destroy
the enemy
in time
to bury
our dead
and mark their graves
if we can find them.
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third wheel
always, third wheel
as soon as I look for meaning
my mind goes blank
memories disappear
I only see a traffic light
An intersection
A sunny day
But no one is there—not even me
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The Dead Leader
I’m just following you,
following your lead, your silent lead
I have fallen dumb and mute,
following your lead
I am dead and heartless
since following your lead
when all I desired was life,
you gave me death through your lead
you’re a dead man,
following your lead
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F, S, HG (Beginning and End)
Beginnings are more lovely than endings,
the endings are too sad, too close to the END,
too close for the heart to handle;
Beginning—hope for a future,
Magical mystery, negative capability,
A lust for what the future holds—
The goodness, adventure, beauty . . .
forget about who the person is,
let us jump then, you and I
and feel the air,
the fragility, and the infinity
raising our spirits higher,
we crash to reality below.
Endings are too final and hopeless
But where is the rest in a beginning?
Move from one thrill to the next—
the pleasure of pleasure,
the forbidden rest is wakeful, hateful;
philosophy more becoming and beautiful
than hopeful unity:
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For 30 Minutes
seductive coldness
pull the hood over my head—
this is the only way I can think
clearly, logically, without emotion . . .
for 30 minutes, I am taking it all in (I am a Vulcan).
I do not speak.
I do not listen for noise
but for silence,
I do not explore
but stand erect as a monk
and stare at the cracks of winter,
waiting for Aslan’s return
and pondering the contents of my mind.
Where is the path ahead of me
across this melting lake?
Where is the safest road amongst
The mine fields scatter in this sorrowing land?
Disappearing into the watery depths
is too easy, too cold, too silent, too unknown—
fairies kiss my face and
awaken my living thoughts;
reams of dreams flood my mind,
my past, my present, and my future . . .
so much left undone, so much left to sing on repeat,
so much space left to run in, so much traveling
yet to be experienced,
so much dancing and yelling and breathing—
it all seems too much . . .
what am I doing with my life?
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Riddling Death
You speak in riddles
You all ask the same question
Yet you all run around it—
Is he
Or is he
Or is he not?
Yes, he lived
Yes, he loved
Yes, he wrote—
Is he
Or is he
Or is he not?
Yet, he died
Yet, he ended
Yet, he soared—
Is he
Or is he
Or is he not?
You say he travels
You say he flies now
You say and say and say—
Is he
Or is he
Or is he not?
We never saw his heart
We shall never know
We never got this right—
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look right through me
look right through me
what do you see
stuck in the middle
most possibly dead
doctor confirmation needed
is she dead
medical confirmation received
everyone go home
nothing to see here
freak show
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look right through me
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