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Children of the Tiger Part 1b
The next day, Kishandren got up before dawn. She brushed her hair out and got dressed. She made a face at the small pile of dull coloured clothes. Part of her rebelled at the thought of wearing some bandit's cast offs, but the practical part of her remind herself that it was either that or her torn and blood stained uniform. It was hopelessly beyind repair. Only her boots and gauntlets would be wearable again after some thorough cleaning. It was fortunate for her that a few of the bandits were relatively close to her in size and were able to lend her a few pairs of pants and some shirts. She selected a pair of baggy black pants and a sleevele
Children of the Tiger Part 1a
Part 1 Much like all the other days so far that spring, this one was unseasonably hot. it wasn't very far into the season and yet it already boded to be an unseasonably hot and dry one, much to the dismay of the farmers. The days were hot and dry with cloudless, perfectly blue skies. Kinrou sighed as he stared out his bedroom window, staring up at the empty sky. Like everyone else in Telvan, he spent his days hoping that it would rain soon. Unlike everyone else, he knew full well that there wouldn't be any for quite a while. one of the skills he'd learned in his time as a ShadowHawk Bandit was that of reading the weather. His skill at it was
Angels of the Night 01
Chapter 1 “There is no denying it, Teruhi, and you  know it,” the first woman said to her companion as they walked through the dark  city streets. There was a chill in the air that no amount of warm clothing  would be able to shield them from, a chill that would only be somewhat lessened  by the arrival of the lamplighters with their torches to light the street  lights. They were still, however, many blocks away and wouldn’t reach this  street for an hour or more.  For the moment, only the meager  light of the gibbous moon, Tiylshan, shone down on them to light the way of the  two hooded and cloaked figures. It would be
Drabble - Light
I used to believe that it was only within the shadows that true power laid. I guess that's what happens when you listen to the ramblings of a demented self-styled priest with delusions of power. He promised that power would help me and cure my illness, but it only got worse. It wasn't easy to make the decision to step out of the shadows and into the light. The shadows didn't help me. I thought that maybe, just maybe the light could. I had nothing to loose. I found the light and I have never felt better in my life.
Drabble - Shadow
The world is full of shadows. Shadows define us, define how we see the world around us. As children, were taught that only bad things live in the shadows, to cowardly to face the light of day. I used to believe that, especially after Kenian got sick. And then I met Asharos, who showed me the power that lives in the shadows. He taught me how to use that power, how to use the shadows within me to do strange and wonderful things. There is nothing to fear in the shadows. The light should fear the power within the shadows.
Fallen From Grace 01
Fallen  from Grace  Part  01 It was a very typical spring day on Vileshte Island,  home of the Sisterhood of Sword and Sorcery. Students trained, candidates for  entry into the Sisterhood as students studied, full members trained or lounged  according to their duties. The sky above was free of clouds; some of the  younger Eagles of the Sorceress Path were practicing their weather manipulation.  A gentle breeze blew towards her from the southwestern part of the valley, from  the field typically used for training as well as a landing field for the  occasional visiting dragon. Laughing voices carried easily on that breeze.  She grimaced, sh
WoTL 03
The Stars of Destiny Arc 1: Light Act 03: Fuel to the Pyre Hana woke the next morning to the music pouring from her clock radio. She groaned and sat up, rubbing her blurry eyes. She pulled back her plush quilts and got up, shivering as her overly warm skin met with the air of her room. It was cold, but it wasn't as warm as it had been under her blankets. She stood up and put on her house coat. She opened the door and listened quietly. Unsurprisingly, the house was quiet. Clearly, her parents had already left for the day. Her older brother lived in an apartment closer to Rising Star University College so that he could get to classes easi
WoTL 02
The Stars of Destiny Arc 1: Light Act 02: The Archer Becomes the Target The next day at school, Dionne found it very difficult to concentrate on her classes, getting information jumbled. Her social studies teacher asked her a question and she responded by telling him how many cups of butter one needed to make a pound cake. Needless to say, the rest of the class had found it quite funny, but it had resulted in her having to stick around after class to have a chat with him. Rather than explain that she'd been busy the night before in defeating a snake man and saving her friends, she managed to convince him that she hadn't slept well the nigh
WoTL 01
The Stars of Destiny Arc 1: Light Act 01: The light that shines eternally "Happy birthday, Dionne!" The whole Archer family sat around their dinning room table: Dionne, her older brother Allen, her parents, and her two ancient grandmothers. It was her twentieth birthday today, an occasion for great celebration in her family. Her parents now considered her to be an adult, something that she'd been trying to get them to acknowledge ever since she turned eighteen. Her mother, the woman who rarely cooked anything, had prepared all of her favorite foods. Admittedly, the vast majority of the foods that they'd eaten had started out in boxes
Drabble - Snow
Snow(Kinrou; Children of the Tiger) Snow had never really bothered him. He didn't like it much, but that was life. Winter came and went away. He didn't like the snow or the cold, but he had nothing against it. The problem, though, with the ability to call fire is that with it comes a strong dislike of its opposite forces. Like water. He had always hated water. Like snow. Just thinking about snow made him shudder. He dreaded the coming of winter. The only way to survive winter was to think warm thoughts, to think and dream about a place where it never, ever snowed.
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Children of the Dragon
I have to do this now before I wimp out completely. You have no idea how absolutely terrified and thrilled I am about this. 'Children of the Dragon', my very first novel, is now available for sale on-line in both hard copy and e-book format. This story follows Kinrou as he goes from being a ShadowHawk Bandit to a Dragon Warrior, earning the friendship and trust of the other Dragon Warriors. It also contains the material I used for the webcomic 'Children of the Tiger', so if you want to know how that story ends but don't want to wait for me to finish the comic, this is something you will want to check out! Currently, it is available in the
SoD - Those pesky fan characters...
I hit a point last night in writing with 'Stars of Destiny' where I suddenly need background characters. For the most part, it's just been my main characters running around with minimal interactions with other people, usually their family members. I need filler characters. Great. I had two solutions to this problem. I could either make up a whole bunch of new characters with minimal information (which would take days to do right) or I could take all of these unused fan characters that I have just gathering dust and repurpose them for this story. Since its pretty much set on Earth, that's not a problem. This would take significantly less time,
Writing and stuff
For some reason I thought it would be a good idea to make an account just for my writing. So, as such, anything I'm posting that's written will be up here first, before my other accounts (purenightshade ( and cot-comic ( So what will I be posting here? Pretty much everything I write is fantasy, so if that's not your thing, this probably isn't the place for you. Soul of the Sword This story follows the adventures of a girl named Nalai. Through a random incident, she comes to learn more about who she is and what the world of her ancestors was like. An'katerr/Children of the Tiger I run a webcomic that has a mirror account here at :

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