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An update on the bones, from ages ago ( ). Not saying the old stuff i did is wrong, just outdated to the point where I dislike my illustrations and looked at areas where I'd improve on it, which I'm not gonna write tonnes of details on so here's a summary of changes:

This is a personal extension and improvement to the bones I did originally about 3 years ago now, with posture and adjustments to the structure so more vertebrae, longer back and neck, fused pelvis which is different to human ones, extended scapulae, broader sternum semoid bone in the wing and process bones too to support the muscle and tissues, pygostyle/tailbone for any tailfeather additions. Each time I do the bones or anatomies they get less and less humanoid. Also I drew them on a straight rig, rather than in the natural posture because it was easier to show a turn around, natural posture would definitely be slouched and walking on the balls of the feet rather than flat footed.

The changes on the wings and scapulae mainly come from walking around the Grant Museum of Zoology, Liverpool World Museum (love the quetzalcoatlus hanging above but bloody hell it makes me glad they're long extinct), Natural History, Wellcome Collection and other places I really want to go to the Paris Natural History Museum to see the galerie de paléontologie et d'anatomie comparée , and just looking more closely in real life at bones both old and recent.
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Just wanna say thanks for doing these. You've done amazing work! I've been working on a cyborg who has two sets of attachable wings, so these studies of yours are super useful. <3
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Nice.  Very useful. I was debating with myself on what adaptations a human skeleton would need to support wings just the other day :)

(I find it funny that it came up in my messages just as i posted this which shows some of the largest wingspans of living flying birds on humans to help me get an accurate idea of wing size & shape)
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... just looking at some of the muscles that would need to be shuffled around and just wanted to ask - Where does the Infraspinatus go? Because you have a joint where that muscle would be...
Or would the shoulder be stable enough without it? (note: all knowledge of anatomy is self taught through looking at a 3D model:
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my lovely bones