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Is 'Khamai' one of the names he goes by or is answering this question spoilers?
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Ooh! Khamai! Oh this one is an interesting one because the concept of Khamai from a few years ago has actually been divided into 2 seperate people :3c This being one of them 2 halves, which took the bionics and the hair.
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So this one is a bionic twin and their a second one somewhere? Will he still show up in Sirocco or are him and Io not friends anymore
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Not twins, just seperate people. Bionic one wont be in Sirocco but the books after, the de-bioniced one however, he's got a new name and look :3c 
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So mister Descased X on tumbler is the second half of Khamai? And we will get to see him and Io become friends or are is their relationship complicated? (Sorry I'm just hung up on the picture that said that they were good friends)
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I have always loved the designs of the wings you draw
They're so fantastic
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Awesome bionic wing design!
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Extinction City looks pretty or at least this reminds me of Ark new map DLC.
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So nice Heart I like the atmosphere
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This is so coool
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Wowww, those are some kick-butt wings! Their design looks really legit, not to mention pretty XD And the city is gorgeous too, I love the glimmery buildings all wrapped in greenery ^^ Great work!
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Wow  beautiful 😍😍

I would  like  to  see  this character whole  design  😍😍
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A very unusual angle, superbly done as usual.  
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Beautiful ! and those wings look awesome
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