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My Bio

Lets see
- My name is Tazz, though I don't mind if you refer to me as Blue.
- Live in the UK
- I have a preference for drawing flying things. Mostly feathery dragons and birbpeeps.
- I don't really comment a lot, even in reply. I'm not ignoring the comments any of you write its either I don't really know what to say or I've just procrastinated and come on here for no reason and just cleaned out the messages after a brief glimpse at them.
- If you want to ask any questions go ahead and ask. Sending them by note might be easier than leaving a comment on the profile. If I don't reply I've probably not read it or am thinking of what to say.
- If I have read it or you see me being active but not replying then assume that I really don't know what to say.

I do not do requests unless you're in my friends list but commissions are open
Storm had an unshakeable hunting instinct. She always needed something to hunt. Something to chase. ~x~ With tensions running high between the Synths and the Rioteers, and the ARCDA Corporation having gone suspiciously quiet, all is not well for Storm. Suspicious of Rex and what he is up to as well as what he has done in the past, and curious as to why ARCDA seems to be avoiding the Rogues, Storm is anxious as to what may happen next, as things are never calm for long when Rex is involved. However, a run in with an Elite gives Storm something to investigate, something to chase, which may lead to some unexpected allies, reunions with family, and travels into the fortresses and ruins of ARCDA. Available for Kindle and Paperback: Book 2 of the Storm series, and sequel to Stormbite!! Stormbite on Twitter: @StormbiteBook
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Broken Arrow

1 min read
The sky erupted in a blaze of fire, the fireball flashing white. It was gone. Broken Arrow was gone... Broken Arrow is one of the largest ARCDA owned bunkers in North America, housing thousands of Synths that they have created and train as Elites, and the Preternatural Roanoke has been given the assignment of taking a class of brand-new Synth kids on a field trip as their teacher and handler. Excited to teach the young Synths that there is more to being an Elite than being a soldier, Roanoke is determined to keep them all safe and enjoy the freedom they have been given from their bunker home. However, what starts off as a regular work experience adventure for the young synths and their handler quickly descends into a fight for survival and safety after they get front row seats to the destruction of their home. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Broken Arrow is a short stand alone story set in the same world as Stormbite
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Finally happy and ready to show a triple cover reveals for: Broken Arrow Silverbird (Second Book of the Storm Series) Libeccio (Third Book of the Compass Projects Series) Details about all three books will be released closer to their release dates with Broken Arrow being the one to release the soonest at the end of November. Covers may still be adjusted for publish and printing.
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I love your art you do the most amazing wings aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh Love so much you're my fav wingsmith and designer 😘 💖

i just want to say that you are one of my favorite artists. you’ve inspired me so much, and i even have a world of my own i’ve been daydreaming about making thanks to you! i’ve never been great at drawing wings nor people, but you’ve given me the motivation to begin trying harder. the way you draw wings is absolutely incredible, and i adore every piece of art you post. thank you for being such an amazing creator <3

Wings. Wings, wings. Feathered wings. Wiiiiiings! Sorry, I just spend a few hours wathcing your wings on a few artpieces. And you wing compendium that made me discover awesome bird species ♥

:DDD!!!! I'm glad you're enjoying the wings!!!!

I looooove them ♥

hello, you know more about avians then i do so i was wondering if i could message you about a question for some art im doing about a pose?

Yep, that's no problem, feel free to send it as a note or chat and I can see how I can help c: