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my little bridesmaid

By Blue-Fox
yeah i'm at ax right now but ~chira-chira told me to put this up here SO

i saw this in person driving around burbank and drew this same day or day after or something i really don't know i haven't had much sleep alright

ngl i would probably switch the ponies around a little but okey

good movie
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I may not have been a fan or follower of the MLP original or reboot, but even I've got to wonder how did I miss something like "bridlemaids"?
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I say three bridesmaids gonna be my lovey wifes
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One of the best crossover image/idea I've ever seen. With the slight exception of Pinkie and Dash's hair styles. I'm guessing they were matched on personalities ?

Also, who's AJ merrin ?
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HA! perfect! just perfect!
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Pinkie is the only one smiling lol
Anyways, I liked this one. I loved this one actually.
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There's a letter L..
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It's A Pun c: A Bridle Is An Accessory For A Horse
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I love this !!!
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I love Twilight's spunkiness here <3
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This is what Equestria Girls should've looked like!
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ZOMG!!!! I love the poses you did for these characters. Love the movie by the way! Made laugh.
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Anyone else think they'd rather watch this than the original movie? I do!
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ohmygod. this is amazing. I am a dummy! 
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