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grr im a badger

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you know. just in here he looks like the lead singer of a-ha. hm.
Sugar-High-Otaku's avatar
When I put on my 3D glasses, I can see his time and space essence. :>
Puddum's avatar
Oh wonderful! Great expression, looks just like him!
Kooosh's avatar
Gorgeous work
loving the reds and blues :-0
greyhoundredux's avatar
ADrodge's avatar
this is awesome :) super simple, super amazing! I'm loving the blue in his hair :P
Tunaque's avatar
Jellybean-Bby's avatar
The doctor badger is really pretty badass. Doctor badger dont give a shit
ShintakuKagami's avatar
I think my life is complete. Your Style + Matt Smith's Face = Perfection.
days-before's avatar
oh my god this is just absolute perfection
sadflksdjls i wish i could draw this well
holy shit

his facial features are spot on. nice work man. :D
Brianna-Bloomer's avatar
He's so adorkable. :D
cerberus144's avatar
A badger and a target!
Haizea's avatar
"Oh my god it is a badger!"

Sorry, couldn't resist. :P Awesome job!
Rainy-Sapphire's avatar
Gotta love his hair! :P *I'm a girl*
mGarZa1990's avatar
Holy crap everything you do is a billion million kinds of awesome!!!!
Weavrrcat's avatar

I'll bet you laughed out loud at Matt and his Badger rabidly attacking Karen. Such sillyness. XD
neutronite's avatar
Awesome...just plain awesome. I like the title ^_^
neutronite's avatar
Awesome...just plain awesome. Same with the title.
Undeadgrrl's avatar
people always joke about badgers... They're actually really quite vicious...
Edhelnis's avatar
beautifulhikariiugly's avatar
the colors and the face and just ugh. never quit being awesome.
Lonewulfmsw's avatar
I'm just going to casually favorite and adore all your Doctor Who art, haha.
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cayligraham's avatar
Aaahhh the Doc! :D
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