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AlunaMinamp v 1.1


Alunaminamp is a skin designed to match the extremely well designed visual style Reluna by Bant [link]

This skin is a modern skin which enables buttons, songtickers etc. to be placed wherever the skin wants.

This skin is made for high usuability, and improvements are still made.

Credits go to
em3/tornado [link] - for some of the graphics and improve ment suggestions
Bant [link] - for one of the best visual styles out there, and of course for the permission to release this
Michgelsen [link] - for alot of help with coding of the skin


Equalizer drawer added
Standardframe captiontext added
Playlist size fixed
Media Library buttons and Playlist scrollbar looks alot nicer
Main Captionbartext changed
Small graphic improvements
Minor bugfixes

What to expect in 1.2:

Bar mode for both Main window and Playlist
Even more graphic improvement
I´m sure some more goodies will be included =D
© 2005 - 2021 Blue-Fighter
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Can't see the download option. Help?

OmarOs's avatar
Come on can you make an HD version of it? also add the album cover and song details ? it would be the perfect skin!
BlueWolfDreaming's avatar
Really a very nice skin, one of the best mini skins I've seen.
boogiesbc's avatar
I've added this skin in an article called The best classy winamp skins which is a part of Over 50 of the best Winamp skins
nice work dude!
Thoun's avatar
Thirdmouth's avatar
Like the clean style :D
nokomis's avatar
I've used this for a while and I luff it alot ^^;
The only thing I dun like is the redX as shut down.. a blueish tone would be (imho) a lot nicer..
but then again the red is a nice break tho :giggle:

:+favlove: I hope more will use it :D

-teski, sweden
D0bby's avatar
This is a perfect match for Reluna. Very clean and compact.

The one issue I've got is that the song title appears to sit a bit low and interferes with the time. Here is a screenshot: [link]

Otherwise. Great skin. Thanks.
D0bby's avatar
Seems to have fixed itself now. Probably something to do with me trying several different VS's and Winamp skins.

Great job.
TanKilleR's avatar
been looking for a good skin to use, thanks
Kozicka's avatar
Hmm after using it i found a bug with the video playback.

If you arent full screen and have video playing and some queued up when it goes to the next video it closes the video viewer, although sound still plays.
D0bby's avatar
I've noticed this issue as well with other skins.
Kozicka's avatar
This is great and I love the whole Reluna theme, but is it at all possible to allow the actual player to be resized?
Its the one thing I dislike about it (apart from the red font used on selected music such as in a playlist, you cant really read it too well against the black background) and when you are playing movies it cuts off a chunk of the time (i always use time remaining).

Otherwise its great, just those 2 things really. :)
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Nice skin :)
Radioseven rulez
danne-skate87's avatar
ditt feta fan vad i helvete nu fahar du gjort???!!!??!! ttar jag inte..... please kill me plz gör du som dem sejjer då?? lägger till massa skit å så??? ajja give me blueish color plz w0uld fit in perfa....
Great !! Now i hope you will make one with standard Reluna Color (blueish).
Keep it cool !!
MegaGuilmonXp's avatar
is there any chance that there is a Windows Media Player version as well?
options --> modern skins --> alpha blending --> Enable Desktop Lpha Blending

payayita's avatar
fantastic!! thanx for your tip. I'm using it and I love it!!
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