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Friedrich Nietzsche Music quote background

I love this quote and I wanted to make a wallpaper for my computer of it, but I didn't just want the quote so I found the parchment online and did all the playing about with it.
Feel free to download and use it as your wallpaper too. ^-^
stock: [link]
Text: Nyala (I'm loving this text)
Program: Photoshop CS3
Time: Hour, maybe
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1366x768px 1.94 MB
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Seriously, Ty, this is one of my favorite things you have ever created. You're so awesome.
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Why thank you! Much love! =D
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Depending on some music Nietzsche might have reworded that statement. Face it some music pure and simple is crap. Of course, crap is in the ears of the listener. I prefer my crap loud and strong sorta like my taste in women.
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True, very true. Thank you for the comment. ^^